Wednesday, March 31, 2010

gimme new drugs

I'm tired. This job is squeezing the last drop of sweat outta me.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Smelly Breath

In the living room..

She: Dear, your breath stinks lah
*He gets cleaned and brushes teeth*

All cuddled up in bed..

He: Dear, now YOUR breath stinks

*She covers mouth, blows air into palm to smell own breath* *negative*

She: Is it ? No-AH. Where got?

*...a few seconds later*

She: Oh! It's not my breath! It's my fart smell! *smiles* *lifts up blanket*

*air blows to his face*

He: OMFG..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@!!&&$#$%#@&

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tow Boys

Just witnessed four cars getting towed by DBKL without a warning. They came and dashed off in split seconds. I could have faced the same tragedy as the towed car owners if I was a minute late. Those idiots are just too damn free to come pay us visits daily and suddenly shock us with such things. Government probably did not pay them enough. That's why we often hear, "The Rich gets richer, The Poor gets poorer". What country is this la deyy..

Mich Yap is going back to States tonight. Patty leaving to Brunei and Fiona to Melbourne soon. Ian left to Melbourne last month. Julius L and Ley Vin is leaving mid of the year.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

According To The Organizer..

I haven't touched this blog in godzillian years!
Why hello-jello..

Been keeping a low profile these days to spend quality time with some friends and my lover, BEER. I know, I used to hate em' but now I'm addicted to em'. You may call me alcoholic.

I ain't gonna post up any pictures this time around, after trying to make the effort to edit all the pics since January, efforts came to no avail. Summary it is!

  • New Year's Eve with MyBitche, My Boss (Jess Ross), His GF (Jolene), Charis, Aloysius, Jeffery in Port Dickson.
  • Library's Got Talent Finale with MyBitche, Careen, Colleen, Nick D...etc
  • The Creatures, Centrepoint Bloggers Dinner by Ellie C
  • DiGi Dining Event in Kota Kinabalu with MyBozz. Hendrik gave us a sweet ten-minutes heli-ride around town.
  • DiGi Dining Event in Kuching with MyBozz and HisGF. Met Amber Chia in person in her suite room with her sister, Pinky.
  • My Convocation in KLCC, attended by MyBitche, Steffie, Aipeng, Sie Yuen, Kevin, Shan and Chris. I'm finally a GRADUATE!

  • People'n Rich CNY Lou Sang @ Kiara Equestrian
  • Pre-Valentine's Day at Tenji Solaris. With that much of yummy self-pick grilled seafood, Haagen Daaz and Baskin Robbin, it gave Japanese dining a brand new definition. Try Supper Promotion, it's half-priced!
  • CNY Dinner with MyBitche's Family at Tropicana Golf Club, errr some Jap restaurant. Not bad.... Bumped into Julius and Elaine there as well.
  • Open House at Kevin Kaiser's, Shing's, Alvin Low's, Patricia's, Aileen's, Kingsley's and Alan Choy's, Sham&Ivan's Open House
  • Katrina PP's Birthday at Phuture
  • Yunda's Birthday
  • Meeting, Meeting and MORE MEETING...

  • Ulu Tiram Signing Ceremony @ South Lake Residence, emceed by Will Quah
  • Mom's Birthday at Singapore. Visited Clarke Quay, St.James, Orchard, Bencoolen, Alley Bar, Ice Cold and a few other.. Met Alvin Low, Joel, Rina Tay, Alan Choy, Cheeks, Royston... Great fun! Looking to go down south again to catch their June MEGASALE!

Besides that, I've been around Escobar, Chillout, Opium, Royal Oak and OFFICE..
Sigh. Lifeless kan?

Kaykay.. That's it for today. I'll try to post up pictures soon, but no promises or you can always catch me on FB. Leaving office now. Much loves.