Saturday, May 31, 2008

I had another haircut. jajaja. My hair grew really fast and I have a shoot later, so, I went for a trim. hahah. I'm so freaggin excited right now. Don't even know what's it all about or which role am I casting for.. Meeting Zalfi at 8am later and it's already almost four now. I could not sleep.. man.. puffy eyes.. Another thing that I'm really looking forward to is baby's arrival tomorrow morning. He's finally coming home. yay. That stupid boy sure made me wait long.

I bailed on Jason earlier, was supposed to join him at Aloha for the Henessy Artistry event then to Poppy. Considering the fact that I have work the next morning, plus I was too lazy to dress up, I decided pull out. Had some bonding session with Janice and Ebelin instead at the Tree House. Chicken wing was really yummy, peng missed it all. :p What a nice place to go to and I love Thai cuisine. Sour & Spicy..yumms.. Bangkok.. woooehooooooE!

I'll need to get Sasee to have another photoshoot session for me soon. damn. i'm shy-larh. :)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Saturday Morning, Rain Is Falling

Sony T70

Ever since I lost my baby-C last year (THANKS to SOMEBODY), I've been stucked with my phone camera to capture 'the moments', sadly. I've been eyeing on one of Sony's latest T70 for awhile now and yet, I couldn't make up my mind of which colour to pick. I really like the white one as I've always liked gadgets in white. However, I was told that the colours fade off easily as compared to the silver which I find it looking sleek and classy. I like them both, nuff said. HOW..?? Which should I get, my beloved readers.

Nice, ain't it? but what if it gets dirty, or or.. it changes colour after long usage, or or.. blahh.. :( what ever it is, it will burn a hole in my own purse.

Life is like the Ferris Wheel, it goes one big round just to get back to the starting point. Honestly, do I look or act like my age? hmm.. Sixteen or twenty-six? I watched 'Juno' earlier before I left for gym. I'll have to say it is as good as 'Thank You For Smoking'. The most important lesson learnt from the movie is 'Play Safe'. None of us are equipped to be a MOM or DAD at such tender age. Dare you deny that! hah. Doctor says, "its best for birth-giving by the age of twenty-five to keep both the mom and the baby healthy", but what say you? Looking at all of my older friends, mostly not married, definitely not pregnant, some are still single. So, doc, what say you? Come on, be realistic. Not many would actually give up their career to babysit their children at home. Just our parents alone set good examples. I've always had this imagination of clubbing with my children and be a 'hot momma' and be really sporting about their love life. hah. I think it's gonna be really interesting, huh? Some day, I want to own my own condo, my own yacht, my own Audi, my own club or cafe, my own business...... My hubby will have to pay for my Platinum card, our maid, our mansion, our holidays..... whoever that's gonna be, start saving already! hahah. Enough of syok-sendiri-ness. I was just too bored, fucking got stucked in the massive jam for almost two hours on the way to Heritage because I wanted to know how was the traffic at night using Federal highway. Such a bad idea, wasted both my time and petrol for such curiosity. Then I went to the club just to waste time and ended up at Buharry's where the boss paid for my meal. (whooo.. how nice.. didn't even know why) When I was about to leave, another fellow whom I've never met in my life offered to get the bill as well. What is wrong with everybody today, but good for me. Thanks anyways.

For Free Boost: Bar Club, Cynna, Palacio

For Free Parking: Bar Club

For Free Date: erm.. call my girls.. hehe

These places only offer these wonderful benefits to me.
mwahaha. nightee nights sweethearts.

Munching on my digestives biscuit, thinking about him
of how he surprisingly woke me up, early this morning
the way he put a smile on my face, with nothing but just a call
he gets really cute and silly at times,
when he thinks I don't miss him at all
I miss you so much baby, I miss you every day
don't ever say I don't care about you, because I did and always will
just three more days, not very long, until we meet again
then we'll spend our time together, in a world with just you and me.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tipsy Blogger

I'm a BIT tipsy right now.. booyaya.. ;)

John made it to Loft today. The last I saw him was at Langkawi LIMA event. He got me a Sukhoi key chain and Hornet bookmark. Thanks man.... it's not easy to get it you know. whee.. Joe.yEng was totally -out- while Joshua was a bit too tipsy and he refused to let me drive fearing that I would crash his car. puh-lezzz.. I can drive manual okay.. hehe.

We started drinking at 9-ish at Bangsar before heading to Heritage already. Joe went socializing, Joshua went fishing and I, being alone, went to Bar Club to chill with the bartender where he gave me two glasses of drinks. *Thanks abang.Wan. You're the bomb!*

Joshua couldn't drive yEng back so I took the honour and went for a sober-up drink with Jason, Victor and another fellow after that. So much of getting sobered, I didn't feel any better. Now that I'm home, showered, I'm now BLOGGING. Hmm.. I feel like goin to OU tomorrow. For no good reasons, I just felt like going there. :) Who to call, eh? tsk tsk.

After lunch with Steffie and Penny earlier, I think they must be on their way to Perhentian now, they could've reached their destination for all I know. Have fun and take care you girls. Don't be naughty..steffie.. hahah. We all know what you'll be up to. :)

okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Bed time. muachz!

I want this to last too..
I care too..

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Deja Vu, Again

feeling distant
feeling lost
feeling uneasy
feeling ...

just a few more days..
just hang on
you can do it girl
just stand strong

gee.. I think I'm PMS-ing. Emotional breakdown. What's up with me lately! grr.

To my dearest Charis, do not follow your emotions.
Three years is not an easy thing to achieve, we both know it. Listen to your heart.
Let go only if they're unworthy, when they cheat and lie, and when you're completely broken by their words and actions.

Your big sis'll back you up from here.


What on earth is this insect called? hmm... random kan?
I've just renewed my passport for next month's trip with dad and sis at Shah Alam this morning. There were lots of complications and problems as the copy of my IC was different from my original IC. Dad made the copy and we submitted it in without taking a second look and my birth year in that copy was 1987. How weird can that be? Both sides of the copy turned out to be 1987? Havin problems like this at the imigration is no fun at all. Both my dad and I was being sent to a room for questioning. blablablaa.. there goes my entire day! What a coincidence but it sure seemed creepy when dad being superstitious and said "maybe the ghost.." whatdehell?? I was getting chills and goosebumps all the way back because of him. stupid.

First thing the *inspector* asked me was "dik.. you baru rokok eh?".. I answered yes, duh.. and he replied "bagus". WHAT? I dah stress giler ni.. If I'm not mistaken, the percentage of death caused by high cholesterol are higher than tobacco intakes. When you consume fattening food, you die FAT. When you smoke, you look NORMAL if the docs don't dig out your lungs. So use your brain. Why would I wanna die in shame. Of course I choose to smoke! ;p

Monday, May 26, 2008

Safely Done

Lets C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Though it wasn't a straight distinction, but hey, I passed all! woohooo.. No need to retake CTR. yeah baby.. you're safe from Joe. hahah. I wonder how the rest did.. I'm so trilled. blablabla...

Not bad of a chilling place despite the fact that they only serve beer and no other alcoholic drinks even though it's in the menu.

Located at TTDI Plaza.

Nice interior, food in the menu are reasonably priced and it l
ooked really tempting but I have yet to give it a try.

Located at Jaya One.

I love Zanmai Sushi.

I love them more.

At Uncle Don's without Uncle Donn.
Yummy shisha and chicken popcorn.

Just Another Moment.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Chipsmore Are Addictive

*yawns as I stretches my arms*

I can't believe that I actually spent three freaggin hours at the gym today, its been a long time. Finally enjoyed my sauna session after so many months and I loved it. Guess it's best that I continue doing this daily rather than wasting time at home until comes back.

Hardcore Clubbing Session this week. Lets go.

Met Steffie, Amirul, Penny, Jason, boyfriends of Mr.BF and a few other fellas earlier. I hate Sunday's. Some calls it the 'family day' while others like me calls it the 'torture day' because it almost bore me to death.

You know, I really don't understand how some people just couldn't face their ex's after many years or months of breakup. Like come on, get over it already. It's not like they have a major bitchass attitude problem or what like 'someone' which I do not wish to mention names.. but yeah, you may be sorry for your mistakes.. and hey.. apologies accepted whad? some people just complicate things even more which leads to more awkwardness. Seriously.
Get Over It!

OooOo.. Kenny Liang is coming back today at 5am from days of torture in JB.

m K y g s ` Dj Kennito says (4:06 AM):

i spend dam lil here
got free dye la
free food la
no free sex onli la

That's SO KENNY man..
My purse is drying up, my tyres are increasing in size, my phone bills are coming soon.. oh GOD.. luckily coming home soon. :) 7 more days.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

"I need to find something productive to do" , I said last night. Getting up only when the clock strikes twelve in the noon, staring at the four walls in my room, updating my blog and facebook.. and it goes on. I've been doing the same thing almost everyday now. Then when it's dinner time, faces of friends will be seen till morning. It is my daily routine. How boring.

Dude.. I'm bored. I need to work again. I'm out of words. Good Day.

Friday, May 23, 2008

A Sweet Dedication

Maison & Cynna, which do you prefer? You would probably end up saying
- Maison's a cina-beng place (a place where Shakir claimed that the people there are cocky)
- Cynna's a malay-pit place (I didn't address it as Mat Rempit cuz Cynna's a classy place, or should I say 'used to be' until FUCKzilla came in to take over the PR and turned it into a place of the condemned *i meant her only lah!*)

OH Myy Myy... SPOT THE FACE! Wait.. oh there.. found it! xoxo

The Cynna Story
Once upon a time, there was a month named May, dated 23rd.

- someone picked a fight when a girl slapped a drunkard
- an old fart approached me and started telling me grandfather story of his own and how he'll be flying to Paris that evening
- Bumped into a highschool friend of mine named Illya after two years
- found a new camwhore buddy who is also a boyfriend of my boyfriend, Chuck!

That's the end of story, the very the happy ending. Thank you for reading.

*at AC watching football*

My Story

Oh.. checkout my new tattoo

real stuff? my goodness, you actually buy that kinda shyt? but it's nice, ain't it?

"boy'o'boy.. I sure miss my boy
his giggles, his hugs, his love and lust
oh nono, please don't get me wrong
what I'm typing is just a song
already I've been made to wait so long
oh baby everything just felt so wrong
that was how I felt that day
until you spoke to me yesterday
just wanna say I'm glad to have you
and baby.. .. I really miss you"

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Think About It Every Now And Then

Don't know why, but I feel rather emotional tonight. It's a mixed feeling you know, like how you dip cream crackers into mayonnaise, thousand island and honey mustard sauce altogether. I have so many plans in mind and things always turn out wrong somehow, well, some things. I kept looking back into those days, reminiscing the old times, bits of this and that. I'm happy and satisfied with whatever it is today but it just never seem to be enough. Greedy? Maybe.. People always ask for more, right? More bargains, please?

At times, I seemed to be doing too much, to the extend where I don't understand why did I even do it. I want it, but not need it. I'm forever wanting to try new things, experiencing new experiences, then look back after ten days and either laugh at it or regret it. bahh.. I'm an emo emo gal.. bare with that. This' just an expression feelings and mind right now, mind you.

It's called Freedom Of Speech yoe.

At this moment of time, I just feel like packing my bags and get on to the road, for a roadtrip on my own, whether to watch planes take off from the hills, get blown away in the windy evening with breath-taking views, learn about different cultures, to see the world out there, visit places I've never been before, have a drink or two with a group of decent strangers, lie on a field of grass until the sun sets, simply just to set my mind free for a week or two. Unfortunately, Malaysia is not that much of a safe place for an individual to do so, neither do I have that much fortune left besides my savings for Bangkok next month. Sigh.

Joe's leaving for Alor Setar tomorrow then to Bangkok with boss after that. She will be getting shopping allowance and free flights too. Jealous sial!

Today's Tag:
Joe, Cindy, Carmen, Kyle, Riz
(Sarawak Tourism Board Appreciation Night 2008)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Maid Irritates

OMG!!! I'm so gonna kill my maid one day! She just LOVEEE to arrange my things her way and when I ask her where is it, she'll say she haven't seen it just because she don't understand what am I saying. I just had a hard time digging through a pile of my stuffs to search for my new dvds. She fuckin' irritates me! urggghhhh!!!

Camwhores camwhores Camwhores camwhores Camwhores...

How do you like drinking in the afternoon? Jack Daniels anybody?
I lost my way in BANGSAR yesterday because of that. I tell you..

From Bangsar > Midvalley > Prince Cafe in SS2 > WIP, which is back in Bangsar ...
wow. petrol's free man.

This' what happens when 'a girl' waits for 'a guy' to shower and 'another guy' who's taking his own sweet time driving down to meet her at 'a guy's house.

Camwhoring, Fagging, Posing..




tadiduppidup...???????????????? *kaching* NOT!

Almost everyday I get a new card. Insurance card, discount card, gym membership card.. all the cards in the word except credit card. Damn sad man.




Here are my Masterpieces.. nyahahahaaa...


for you..

from me..

out of unfinished food.. ppprrrrOUD... *wheehehe* muachs five times. :)