Friday, February 24, 2012

Remember when you were five, you find shells on the beach magical and swears by the love of God that you hear music when you place it to your ear. When it rains, you would sit by the window watching every drop touches the ground with the drizzly tune in your ears just to wait for the seven colours in the sky to show, never knowing what it was, wondering what is in there, possibly seen angel too.. Until gummy bear shows up and tells you that YOU'RE WRONG. Santa Claus doesn't exist, he's not sexy and you very well know it. Unicorn doesn't exist, no, I don't think they were made up by corn farmers. Prince Charming in white shiny armour only falls for the most beautiful woman in his kingdom. So you see, adults mindfucks you, then tear your dreams apart after. Same goes to many things in life, really. Your school teacher tells you that you're doing great, but you could do better, when you have more reds in your report card than your wardrobe. Your boss tells you that you are their best candidate in the interview, hires you, then overworks you with a shit pay with no assistance, just to fire you six months later with a lame excuse of insufficient fund of head counts. Your partner tells you that you're a wonderful partner, have great sex with you, brings you to dinner with their family, just to get their heads turned and attention split when an opposite sex walks by. Don't you wish there is a life directory board that you could refer to. Yeah, chances are you'll find what you need. Information on the board may not always be accurate, it could not be updated and lead you to places you don't want to be at but at least a guideline of some sort. Even the Bible and Quran only tell you how to think, feel and believe with a bundle of stories as reference. Don't get me wrong, I'm a God believer, I've my faith and belief too. Just a random thought to share. To add on to that, every holy line comes with hidden meanings! See, how to live la liddat..... OMFG.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We R's a musical thing


There Is Hope, The Musical is at first, a brief travel back in time through the history of the Chinese in Malaysia. From the first and second waves of Chinese initially arriving in the 1400’s and later in the late 1800’s, the story continues to the struggle for Independence. Merdeka marks a turning point in Chinese sentiments towards Malaya. With origin initially rooted in homeland China, the post Merdeka Chinese generation are now granted citizenship, and make Malaya their new home. The 1980’s experiences unprecedented economic growth from an agricultural economy to an industrialized one. Crossing over to the second millennium, an emerging generation is born into an IT economy era. The past of hard sweat and struggles are mostly left behind and a younger and more affluent generation faces fresh challenges, different from what their forefathers encountered. know what? I know you couldn't even finish reading the third line. Grab the tickets and watch it on the 4th of December at Dewan Lee San Choon located at Wisma MCA Kuala Lumpur. 

Facebook: Musical2011/2629437137534 87

..this was shared with me by Erin Marie.
If you've supported Nasi Lemak 2.0, you might as well do the same for this. 
Oh, it's an initiative by PPBN... google it up!

Cheerios pumpkins!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Monday, October 3, 2011

Never been

I love falling asleep listening to snores like kids and their lullabies.. Best accompanied by some jazzy bossa novas. What a relaxing night, like I'm ready to move forward. I think I am. Over the weekend, I've proven the statement of Women Can Drink, when I beat a man at drinking. Ecoba has never been this fun nor Carlberg been this tasty. A toast to Oktoberfest!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Chained Up

She was finally set free.. then got caught again, fell right into another hell hole. Stupid bitch. Taken for granted, she's signed up to be emotionally beaten by someone whom she once was. This, I call it karma. Lesson never learned. Maybe she's just self-challenging, self-abusing, preparing for the worse to come. Maybe. May it be worth while. God bless her.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

One night, when we decided to drop by Movida after Craig's event at Shah's Village.
My boys' first time there, didn't like it.
Gave next table a MAGIC finger for some chap was being an absolute turn-off.
My bad. F-Off mode switched on then.

One night, when Lil'Jean invited us to some private party at Lust.
SiZZLE~SiZZLE indeed. Sweats much?
Meet the Baradarans of TCM.

Zoo Mission

It happened over the 1-week holiday last week, I believe it was a Wednesday..
Honestly, I've lost track of my days since my alcoholism started. I even think I murdered something last night. I remember.. it's...... an ant. BULLS!

So back to my story, on that very particular day, I read off Facebook about 3-4 group of my friends who also visited the zoo, all different timing! FREAK.

Wait, back to my real story. The six of us - Clayton, Steffie, Penny, Mark, Geoff and yours truly, me, drove down the hundreds and hundreds of miles to Zoo Negara after an unsatisfying Dim Sum breakfast at 'Yuen Garden' or something.. (It's in SS2, same row as Sri Siam, at the corner)

The trip was a disappointing one. I guess the cheap thrills we enjoyed when we were toddlers simply aren't meant to thrill us anymore. Take my advice, just leave it as that. I rather comfortably be couch potato switching onto Astro Discovery Channel at home to watch the animals eating off one another with more wild actions. I could easily google 'zoo animals' to see how hippopotamus and leopard looks like, really, bet you it'll be more fascinating.

Also, the large crowd didn't help. There were more migrants than animals! I dislike crowd like that, just like I never enjoyed concerts unless if I'm given the VIP area.. I need not build interpersonal relationship by rubbing sweaty, sticky, sweaty hands with them nor to lookout for pick-pockets.

Enough. Goodbye zoo. I never liked you anyway..