Thursday, January 21, 2010

Flavours Explosion


Last Friday, 15 January, I kinda attended the first bloggers outing. This time, it was hosted by Ellie Chee. Malaysians being the "late coming" people, most were obviously, late. :S

I drove straight from work so I went in to have a sip first while waiting for the rest, including mybitche. I was warmly welcomed by the waiters and one of them brought me to my outdoor seat where I could take a puff before it all started. I could see two long tables nicely arranged at a corner in the restaurant when I arrived.

Slowly, everyone arrived including the host, Ellie, Jonathan Yip, SmashpOp, Josh Lim, Leonard and a whole bunch of others.

The first thing I liked about Kitchen Creatures is the price, DIRT CHEAP for western food with much varieties. Second is the friendly waiters, especially the bald one who was hanging around with us half the time. He's the chef and owner too, if I didn't recall wrongly.

Then the complimentary bites came. Cameras were all on standby when the 6 mini Baked Stuffed Mushrooms (stuffed with crabstick and shiitake flavoured cheese, lightly baked) came. I am guessing that it is their signature dish. It was my favorite as it cheesily satisfied my taste bud for the night. (yUUUMS) Then came the Spicy Beef Pepperoni (mozarella, cheddar, with beef pepperoni and jalapeno peppers). OOOO Sinful bites.

MyBitche ordered his usual medium rare Sirloin Steak, but it came fully cooked. The Sirloin Steak was served with Angel Hair pasta and stir fried vegetables. Nice presentation, fresh and tasty.

I ordered the double pies (the set comes with two pies where you can choose two out of three choices). Served was my all time favorite Chicken Pie and Tuna & Macaroni Pie. Interesting aye? I liked the Tuna & Macaroni one better, something different.

Flashes of lights pretty much brightened the restaurant, as if there were celebrity in the house if seen from outside. lols. Good fun.



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Ellie Chee.. Thanks for the sweet invitation.

Kitchen Creatures is located in Centrepoint, BU, 1st floor.

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Hello 2010!

Good Morning January,


I am a regular user of Google Chrome search engine. I've always like the different designs of the Google logo and the layouts of the page. But, I never knew what was the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button about and never clicked on it because I thought it was the "porn site button" like how Amsterdam has the Red Light District, until I clicked on it today..