Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baby Lappy on Vacation in HP

Hey loves, baby lappy has left me with no access to the internet
Therefore, i have no way to do my publicity work for MassColimpics which will be held soon. Right now, i only have my baby MINI pC to keep me entertained, which also means that I can't do much of blogging as i have no idea of how on earth to upload pictures from the events I attended. Yes, nooooby me.

Everything should resume once HP fix my baby's motherboard which could take up to weeks!

Its good in s way cause now i could conxentrate on my revision for my midterms exam next week. Wish me a bundle of luck!

By theway, gutterpost has finally got a domain of their own. apparrently, Google shutted them down. Try

Keep them rolling baby! Cheers!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Zoukentine's Night

yawns! yawns!
Just had a long day at Bangsar, spent nine fuckin hours there.
It was a little reunion that Kim hosted for the 2006 Assuntarians, cheers to that.
Pei Xuan literally lost half her body, Kim's boobies enlarged tremendously..
O' my...

We had a little talk about our long lost friend who went missing for the past two years.
I kinda gave her a call for the first in a very long time, after all that arguments and controversies.
Highschool whad....

Unfortunately, she didn't pick up.

Hmm.. it was nice to meet everybody again tonight. Dinner was at Delicious, Bangsar Village II, then a few of us went to grab a couple of drinks at La Bodega over the Taboo game. Before we parted, we went to meet Ganesh, Ashwin, Sri and Melody at the shisha place.

I'll upload the pictures once I get it from Ai Peng since I was playing with her new Nikon D60 DSLR the entire night! I was so lovin' it!

Pictures from last night, Phuture.

Andrea & Nick

Wei San & Danny


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Skip This Post

Okeh, how did I spend my Valentine's Day..

Alvin picked me up and headed straight to Zouk then Danny, Wei San's friend, brought us in.
Hmm.. It was a little chilly in there but the crowd was just nice. Eugene, Roy, Wei San and Alvin were there first, then Nick and Andrea came. Good fun, yeah. Met Johann, Ashley, Alfred Foo, Jerry Ong, Michelle Yip, Uncle Josh and a few other, couldn't really recall but I sure met lotsa familiar faces. Malaysia is such a small place where everybody knows everybody.

It was very sweet of my driver to have given me a box of candies.
Now, how am I gonna finish it?

My buddy got me a bouquet of roses last year, Warren got me one too, not forgetting another from a French dinner.... this year, none. Except for the bowl of Ngau Kei Famous Beef Noodle treat. hahahahhaha! Just nice for the Ox year.

I'm currently listening to You & Me by Lifehouse at 5:31 in the morning waiting for the beef balls in my stomach to digest. Great lah!

After three nights of getting drunk this week, I am actually sober tonight. Prrroud! Gotta thank PV and Josh for all the troubles I've caused them, really. Tell you what la.. I'll be nicer to them from now on. That's my resolution. OKAY! This post is gibberish. Stop reading.. Just scroll down for pictures..


tsktsktsk.. BOYS NOWADAYS... dotdotdot.
That's all goodbye.

Happy Valentine's!

To all you lovers, friends, and myself.
Though not really in the mood for anything right now, would much prefer to just stay in and binge on the ice-creams or go all out for extreme activities like flying fox at Eagle Ranch. Damn. Mood-less. Bye.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Famous Loy Turned 23

Ms Loy Teik Shan, in black. turned 23 on February 10.
Celebrated with us at Black Hole, Hartamas with a bottle of complimentary wine
(promotion for 4 ladies)

Took a ride around Hartmas on Jenny's bikem, ofcourse wasn't me riding lar, Ara did.
Shan had two Flamings and a cake that Ebelin baked.

yuums-yuums chocolate mud cake with a little coffee taste

OH! Fooz! OMG!
We all had a good laugh looking at these shots.
It has this classic look on him.

Happy Birthday!

No Alcohol, No Embarrassments

May the Ox year of 2009 washes away all poor lucks and bring you more fortune and prosperity. May all controversies, misunderstandings and hatreds from the past be left in the past and we shall all have a peaceful one this year.

Luna Bar

A night of complete drunkness with no mercy. Blame the Singh, Thank him as well.

What happens when your dad opens the door at five in the morning and sees a guy holding on to you and another guy digging through your bag impatiently?

Say "Hi Uncle, I can't find her house key lah.."

Sara's Farewell

A little something-something for my lovely girls..
A little farewell for our beloved Sazz-ra..
A little sips of yummy cocktails..
A little bites of deep fried fishes and freshly baked pies..

Cheers to all you ladies..

Cheers to Sara Leong!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Penang, The End.

Penang Lok-Lok
It was different from Fatman Steamboat aka Lok-Lok in KL
you can say its the sauces, variaties and serving style
Call it our Last Dinner/Supper
The Boobies Peeping Night,
Termites Night,
most importantly,
our Last Night in Penang and Butterworth

How can we not have firecrackers over the Chinese New Year?
Get changed into shorts and slippers and head down to the sandy beach!

From left: Stefanie, me, DK, Louise, lupa-siapa, Felicia

Beach Family Portrait

Steff, me, DK, Matthew, Kijja'de'Thai, Felicia'de'Melb, Louise, Daniel, Sue Ann
Flowery dressed: Rachel
Pig In Green: Clayton

A failed attempt of heart shape twilight.
The LOVE is still in the air!

The Return

We sure read the bible, many did
... about His return someday, saving mankind,
and yes, he will.
But, I actually meant the day we returned to KL,
just that we had a stop at St. Anne Catholic church in Batu Mertajam,
a place where brings together a large group of people from all over the world, from all walks of life, yearly

To whom who has not been there before, I think you should.
It was indeed a beautiful place as told.

My favourite shot of the day :)

I bought three of these pretty rosaries to be worn as accessories.
It was dirt cheap alright!
and really nice too..
another reason to be there!

Chapter CNY @ Penang, closed.
For more pictures, you may bug Foo Sze Zhaun, Daniel Goh, Rachel Phang, Stefanie Tan, or Felicia, then others can be viewed on Facebook.
~The End~