Thursday, July 29, 2010

DÚltimate Birthday Bash

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It feels great to be appreciated, even just for the petty things.. Met many good people along the way, mentoring me. YOUss know who you are when you read this.

It gets very frustrating and irritating at times, especially when you get people who have absolutely no sense of urgency which ends up eating into your time and effecting everybody's work. Having said that, I will not deny that I may be one of those people at times. heh. Satisfaction kicks in immediately upon meeting a deadline with great work. Then we are off for some good time.

World Cup just ended.. Won or lost much? My pot of gold is still empty. The only thing I bet on was drinks, with Peng, which I won. Thanks SPAIN! Wanted Germany to win though.. hmmm.. Speaking of which, Jan is going back to Switz soon, Eli just left for Aussie land this morning and Jules left last week. Soon, it will just be me, myself and I being left behind.

Anyways, its 1:31 in the morning now. Don't have much time to catch up with my beauty sleep.Time for the bed bugs bite!..

Good Night.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

KB a polluted piece of SHIT LAND

Call me fussy, call me troublesome.
I admit them all.

I cannot put up with stained toilets, definitely not with horrible body odour. I dislike sharing toilets with guys, absolutely not during the time of the month. I absofuckinlutely need my privacy. Respect that.
Guess what? I gotta bare with all of it right here, right now. I am moving out of this apartment first thing in the morning tomorrow. Be it own expenses, I'll PAY the extras, GODDAMMIT! I can still afford them.
I will wake up with a stiff neck because of the hard pillow and even a cold because of the thin blanket. Seriously, this' what I call DUMB.

Yeah, it is for work's sake. A sacrifice I must make, give it A NIGHT. That's it. This is unnecessary trouble and sorry, I can't share the reason why.


Fuckin SHOOT ME!