Friday, November 28, 2008

wooo This' hard.. testinn one twoee..
Experiencing my first time blogging on PDA.
Syok-sendiri-ness moment of DG again.

Lovin my new HTC Touch 3G,
Hate the fact that it doesn't come with the sliding keyboard..
which would cost me over 2k for a phone.

craazee arr.

It's now Friday, finally come to an end of the week
where I can bum in bed all curled up in quilt till noon..

I've finished a yummy bowl of wantan soup noodle at Chopstick Noodle House and
yet Ebelin's still not done with her work.
Alright, I'm at Midvalley after work.. intended to attend the MIFA fashion show by Galo but I was too late.
Sorry Victor and wife, I believe your collections were magnificient!

I was at Zouk for their re-opening last night, not bad. Pictures will be posted once I get it from Mich. ;)
I'm going blind soon with these tiny fonts. cb.

Enough of gibberish lar. Love.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Freedom Elite

Saturday night rave, another one of Freedom, but it was just no other than a disappointment this time.

The event took place at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club on the 22 November 2008 from 9pm until late. It was an exclusive by-invitation-only private event featuring international and local DJs- Scot Project, Mike Koglin, and LCK.

There were also other performances by Bangkok Invaders, Money Exchange Movement, Exquisitive and Blink, not forgetting the special laser shows all the way from Australia.

As interesting as it sounds, the poor sound quality totally screwed up everything along with the ugly floor. It was nothing unusual, neither was it ‘exclusive’.

The only thing that was enjoyable was the free flow of boosts. That was really all.

Second day of work, to avoid the night jam, stayed back a little longer, but, got stuck in the office because of the rain. Shyt.

Monday, November 24, 2008

1st Day @ Grey

My first day of internship with Grey Worldwide aka G2, I won a lottery worth of eighteen bucks parking ticket. What a killer.

I was briefed on the basic things with another new intern from Taylor's, Rehka. She was real friendly.

I was stunned when I saw the second and third floor which is the Creative Dept and Finance Dept. Now, that's what I am talking about! Amazing.

Had lunch with Ish the team leader/director/idunno and the rest of the Kent team, got hotswhitecilipadis... hahah.

I still smelled of char siew rice when I returned to the office. Ben and Janise who were also working in G2, but in a different department, joined in for lunch as well.

Time flew by and it was already six. Lost track of time by half an hour.

It was a big mistake to drive home at that time, the traffic was freaggin insane!

Alright. Nuff of internship.

The Cilipadis had a girls night out at Euphoria on Thursday night.
I attended Supperclub's Grand Opening on Friday with Steff's bunch, Ebelin tagged along for the first time. 'Someone' didn't seem so attractive anymore. aiyerr.
Later after was Bar Club for Leyvin's planned party. hahah.

Saturday night at the Freedom Elite, oh-so-disappointing. Poor sound system, ugly floor, and someone stole the two new packs of cigarettes that Eugene gave me from my bag!
OHMYGAWD! How cheapsked can you be!?

....more elaboration comes with the pictures.. later.

Time to dream of my sexy beasts! Oozie-SnOozie!

Friday, November 21, 2008

5 November 1989

Darynne G turned nineteen!!!!!
you got a problem with that?


I would like to Thank each and everyone of you who remembered and greeted me on my birthday. Special thanks to those who came to Sanctuary on Wednesday night.

Eugene Aipeng Ebelin Elissa Janice Marcus
Steffie Josh Fooz Shan Jason Amirul Loo-Loo Zap Matthew
Leyvin Dice

Thanks, also, for the lovely presents and cake.

My nineteen years of a life has never been this memorable.

Port Dickson