Friday, February 24, 2012

Remember when you were five, you find shells on the beach magical and swears by the love of God that you hear music when you place it to your ear. When it rains, you would sit by the window watching every drop touches the ground with the drizzly tune in your ears just to wait for the seven colours in the sky to show, never knowing what it was, wondering what is in there, possibly seen angel too.. Until gummy bear shows up and tells you that YOU'RE WRONG. Santa Claus doesn't exist, he's not sexy and you very well know it. Unicorn doesn't exist, no, I don't think they were made up by corn farmers. Prince Charming in white shiny armour only falls for the most beautiful woman in his kingdom. So you see, adults mindfucks you, then tear your dreams apart after. Same goes to many things in life, really. Your school teacher tells you that you're doing great, but you could do better, when you have more reds in your report card than your wardrobe. Your boss tells you that you are their best candidate in the interview, hires you, then overworks you with a shit pay with no assistance, just to fire you six months later with a lame excuse of insufficient fund of head counts. Your partner tells you that you're a wonderful partner, have great sex with you, brings you to dinner with their family, just to get their heads turned and attention split when an opposite sex walks by. Don't you wish there is a life directory board that you could refer to. Yeah, chances are you'll find what you need. Information on the board may not always be accurate, it could not be updated and lead you to places you don't want to be at but at least a guideline of some sort. Even the Bible and Quran only tell you how to think, feel and believe with a bundle of stories as reference. Don't get me wrong, I'm a God believer, I've my faith and belief too. Just a random thought to share. To add on to that, every holy line comes with hidden meanings! See, how to live la liddat..... OMFG.