Thursday, March 31, 2011

Foodie #1


Address: #45, Medan Setia 2, Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur. (next to Alai mamak)
Dry Chili Noodle is just one of the few in their breakfast menu. Priced at RM2 (DIRT CHEAP), the sauce is well cooked with chicken and fish cakes, not too salty, just nice. This' has been my favourite breakfast choice since I first tried it a month ago. They have yummy lunch set (rice RM9.90 or noodle RM8.90) everyday. Definitely worth every penny!

To all Muslims, Daddy's Kitchen is a Halal restaurant. So enjoy!


Tastefully marinated and cooked. Couldn't remember the price but how expensive can food at OUG be? They are also famous with their Yong Tau Foo.

Location: Restaurant Yang Kee, 52, Jalan Hujan Rahmat 2, Taman Overseas Union Garden (OUG), 58200 Kuala Lumpur(same row as Steven’s Corner)

Contact: 03-77843739

Opening hours:
8.30am-7pm. Closed on Mondays.
For Sundays and public holidays: Open from 8.30am-4pm.

Few other reviews on Yang Kee's food:

If you like BEEF NOODLES, I'll recommend you to Jalan Alor (behind Changkat Bkt Bintang).
That place is pretty filthy but their beef is so tender and sweet! Be it dry or soup, it taste just as good!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Smartie: "People in my country are dying of hunger"
Flowerpot: "I'm sorry you don't have Malaysian cooks"

In other words, people will never die of hunger in this country. We have food at every corner 24 hours a day. Even in the alley.

is... food lovers face difficulties losing weight in this country. FAT FAT FAT!!!

Wedding: Prashan & Shermaine

Now you have seen the Indian wedding at Melaka (Prashan's a mix) How did the proposal go? (I like the part when he was on his knees, Shermaine went on blabbering for awhile before accepting the ring) Kesian... kesian.. but he still nailed it in the end.

A knot was tied on the 26th of March at Oriental Banquet PJ (They had their first wedding at Melaka). The bride was married to a casual singer/blogger of MelakaBoy/DiGizen. The groom was married to.......(I don't know her in person but all I can say is she's a sweet looking thing). LUCKY MAN!

Wedding was scheduled to start at 6.30pm (I was speeding at 140km/h with Kelisa for this kay)
but ended up conforming to the typical Malaysian timing and started around 8pm. Thank God my house was just around the corner. Jon's IN2 colleagues and Geoff was put at our table that night with a few other guys. Well well... lights was switched off due to Earth Hour, special performance by the groom himself and a kid... yadda yadda I missed some of it. The food was slightly different from your ordinary Chinese 8-course menu so thumbs up for that pick.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Down South Tragedy

There. Wally's Proton Wira turned Lamborghini (that's what the Yeoh siblings said when they first saw the pictures. dumbasssss!). As mentioned in my previous posts, it was a hit-and-run by a truck when that fucker brainlessly cut into the fast lane (Trucks are not even allowed to be on the fast lane by law. Why isn't there a stricter enforcement on those rowdy rides? I believe many deaths have occurred because of them, no?). Wally was a lucky man to have survived the horrific crash. Anybody else would have died (especially if he had a passenger which could have been Mel or ME if we had followed his car that day), even the doctor refused the believe that they found no internal bleeding or what-so-ever.

He was rushed to the clinic when the Ayer Hitam call-men first found him stuck in the car (turtled over) surrounded by a bunch of selfish buggers who just stood by and frantically waving HELLO at him (sense the sarcasm TQ) and taking his Gucci, GPS and a few other valuable things with them on the way out (HELLO? BODOH? Hospital would be an obvious preferred choice, right?). In the car he had his Sony Vaio & our company notebook with him and even told the driver that he wants to take along the notebooks but they refused to let him have it. Upon arrival at the CLINIC (remember he just crashed his car with head injury?), he was again SENT AWAY to the hospital by an ambulance (assisted by a lady nurse).

BATU PAHAT GENERAL HOSPITAL indeed (since it was the shortest distance to get medical assistance). It was afterall an emergency. It took us three hours to rush down from KL so that pretty much means they had THREE HOURS to clean his wounds. Guess what?

He just entered the cleaning ward when we arrived. Oh right. Malaysian timing, typical SLOW-MO's even at the emergency ward (wait, that's general hospital. Different if it's private because they would earn five figures more hence the 300 times better service). When Wally got out, he told us where the company money went (refer to previous post) then back to his rat hole with all other patients. It was, apprentally apart of their hospital procedure to detain the patient as such for at least a night for observation. He had like 3 doctors to check different parts of his body (one specky, one skinny, one fatty) trying hard to explain to us in English of his condition. We were in maze, didn't they get their education certificate by studying those texts in the international language, English? Drowned in doubts, what other choices do we have but to put Wally's life in hands of the 'professionals'. Well, since he was cleaned by the doctors and nurses as told, he spent a night there.

Mel and I then drove down to JB and found a budget hotel that cost us only RM145 to stay for the night (we extended our stay due to work purposes). Next morning, we received a call from Wally's family members who rushed down from Penang. They wanted to transfer him to Sg. Petani hospital in Kedah when the doctors at Batu Pahat could not fix his head injury because they do not offer such facilities WHICH they DID NOT inform us in the beginning (the cut was so deep you could see his skull and inflammation has already begun then) ... much ding-dong-ding-dongs then in the end, they figured it was not worth the distance to put a suffering patient/son in the twelve hours ambulance ride (VVVIP style baby!) and Wally finally arrived at Tropicana Private Hospital in Sriwee's private ambulance, doctors unbandaged him and found bits of glasses and grasses in his wound.

WHAT THE FUCK. After over twelve freaking hours of having the patient with them...?? They have no excuses. NONE. Would your ever entrust your life in their hands? Remember, it's BATU PAHAT GENERAL HOSPITAL.

Melby would be so happy to freely glide into the basket and wallop everything in there. NOMS NOMS NOMS you greedy little Sugar Glider! (You can find them at Pets Wonderland for about RM350-RM400)

Wallace aka Wally aka DJ Butter Fingers, is fine now. Another one or two more surgery to go. His body is already immune to anesthetic anyway. He'd be happy to have more visitors as he is pretty bored there alone. Sigh, that's our boy...


I've just visited Wallace at the hospital first time since I got back from JB on Saturday.
Like I mentioned in my previous post, he got transferred to Tropicana hospital (that is like a hotel, not hospital. Have you been there!??)
Before that, for the entire day, my colleagues have been asking about him; "How's Wallace?", "What happened to him?", " How badly is he injured"... the list goes on, and, it was a repetition of the same questions..

It is either because of the e-mail that our HR woman, Aileen blasted out (when things like these happen, internal e-mails always pops up on our Outlook screen. In other words, we get first hand information). That shows how WE CARE.

That was so sensible of her. But hey, that IS her job, RIGHT? (HAHAH, CHILLING AILEEN, CHILL. JUST KIDDIN!) Every time anybody asked bout Wallace, I felt like taking out a recorder and replaying the whole story telling session...over and over again. (MEL! Don't pretend that you didn't think of that)

Goodness gracious!
I know, I know, everybody was just concerned (I shouldn't have mms-ed my boss Wallace's ninja turtle car's photo; that shot was taken by the fellows with walkie-talkies when it first got toppled over). Oh right, they're known as the CALL-MAN (sounds like HITMAN aye? except that they carry those talkies instead of guns and daggers).

Yeah, I have more shots to show of him below..

First thing he said when he got out of the ward when we met him at Batu Pahat general hospital was: ".. the emergency dude took the money from my wallet". Second was: (in Mandarin, "my hair cannot grow back already", with a sad face) AWWWWW... kesian, for a VAINPOT like him, yes, PITIFUL indeed. But puh-lezz, he's already planned to go under the knife again to get his scalp fixed next year. THAT IS TRULY OUR DJ BUTTER FINGERS! (I bet the first place he'll go when he gets out of his sick bed would be SENSE TTDI and he'd stay there on the console sticking his butter fingers to the turn-tables until morning)

Okay, okay, I may have lied about the crutches. He's absolutely fine.. Okay, I may have lied (or not) also about posting the ninja turtle car pictures in this post. Spare me please. I've yet to have time to edit those pictures. (I have the tendency to fix my photos' saturation and contrast levels before I upload them anywhere)

Okay. I'll keep my words this time. Gimme a couple of hours and it'll be up. By noon. GEEEEHEEE!


Sunday, March 27, 2011

March Babies

Happy Barfday to you..
you are born in the zoo..
with the monkeys and donkeys..

Sie Yuen's Birthday

BOSS MAN ROY (that's also his e-mail address by the way)
So close to home. CJ's, the only pub available at 32 Square PJ. The only place besides Jaya One and Jaya 33 where I have access to beers. It was my first time there and I quite like their live band.

sugar glider owner . AV dude . Hairy man

That's the old man singing. Surprisingly, he can.

noone's ever too old for a flaming?

I just returned from Johore yesterday and it was one hell of an eventful weekend. My colleague, Wallace, got into a really horrifying car crash on the way down south when a truck knocked him when trying to cut into his lane. His car toppled over after a few spin and he had himself pulled out of the car. A typical case of hit and run. (That again reminds me of how much I hate rowdy truck drivers) I'll share the shots in the next post.


The last year July 31st, K-Pop dream girls, Wonder Girls stepped foot on our home ground at Sunway Pyramid. Jon got us some passes so we squeezed through the crowd with a couple of his friends that evening.

Upon entering, the sky suddenly darkened and it poured heavily. Can you imagine? Those teens actually stood there and waited until they got in. Seriously, are the ant size sights of these Korean girls really worth it? Watch them on youtube or something. Anyway, plastic disposable rain coats were being given out. So, it wasn't too bad of a planning besides the long wait for the show to kickstart.

Ask me if I'd watch them again? Nah. I don't think so. Cheerio!