Monday, March 31, 2008

Baby-D's Addict

The girls doing their thang on the bar.. (from left)-Darynne, Steffie, Sarah.. Jeff in red

It was my last day of work on Saturday. I got his message in the evening saying..

Baby: I've got a surprise for you later..

awwww.. so sweet.. he made it himself. I love it baby. I'll keep it safely near me. muaachs.

My sweetest addict. Baby Gene.
After all that he's said earlier, having every single moment spent with him, I'm starting to believe that I've found a great one. I'm looking forward to our future baby. I can't seem to get the smile off my face. Haven't felt this way in a long time. He's my boy, my lovliest buddy, my addict.


Friday, March 28, 2008

The Beginning

Decided to quit my job for a moment. I'm gonna miss the Bar Club bunch.. especially the DJs, bartenders and bouncers. They looked out for me, fooled around with me, most of all, sayang-ed me. Even the customers, some of them, were damn nice to me, took the effort to walk out to the entrance just to open bottles from me and my friends. Ohh Ohh.. Jess and Terri too, who helped me so much with my sales and if it weren't for them, I would have died out of boredom. Tonight's gonna be my last night working there. Ben and all said they're gonna be there tonight. wheee.. He was there with Chui Yi last night, as well as Jon and Steffie's bunch. It was also the beginning of a blooming rose. sweets. shh..
prove to me that you're different baby
currently listening to Put Your Head On My Shoulder by Michael Buble
Yours, Mine, ...Just Us

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In The I-Lab

Currently bloggin from Taylor's I-Lab, the coolest lab in the TCPJ, fully equipped with Apple Macintosh computer. It is our first class here, havin Introduction to Computer Graphic with Mr-Hot-But-Laggy lecturer. Today's extra special, why? cuz the craziest bunch of Mass Comm nutcases are here. *cheers with pom poms* Mr.Edward's M.I.A yooo.

Woken up by Mr.Ego-Bruised at 6.30am.. aww.. you owe me a 30 minutes Missy Elliot dance on Friday! lalala~ circle circle dot dot~ in that rainbow coloured shirt.. gettin grabbed in the ass and chest by random chicks.. sure sounds fun huh? More chick's phone numbers.. more LALAs..

wOOps! Mr.lect's in class. Illustrator lesson. Focus Focus baby. Adios.


Most Eugene's I know are B-I-T-C-H-Y. ahhhahha.

Skipped class this morning because of SOMEONE but thanks for the afternoon wake up call. How sweeeeeeet. ;) Wei San and I went to Help college's library to search for PPPA books with the help of Abigail, my so-called husband. (some high school family tree) I met Sara too.. after sooooo long and found out SOMETHIN. ehhhehhee.. shhh my lips are sealed.

I became Gene's driver for the first time and the whole time in my car he was like.. "bb..BREAK!" wtff? (heh.. ego-bruised) Gene... I know you're readin this. ;p . He's so tall and big that made me look like a kid. But hey, I've got a bodyguard yo~. Lamoooee.... always with that flirtatious stare. *slaps* See.. now I became as lame as him already. hownowbrowncow? Dinner was yummy. I was damn shy lor. stupidnut.

Discussion Discussion Discussion..
Presentation's on next Monday. woots. *runs and hides* *yawns*
McDonalds for three nights in a row. CARBS.. burn baby burn!

I'm charmed. :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Reopen The Gate For Entries

Mr. hot-lecturer's 31 years old! but...... he looks so much younger.. at most 28? *laughsoutloud* aduii.. I still think he's quite charming lor.. though very laggy. hahaaa.. with uncle-hairstyle.. (Grace you readin this?!) sigh.

Boy, what should I do with him.. A shot, or not? I ain't doing no flings with friends.. bb..buut.. I dunnnoo larr.. headache! it was so sudden. hmm..? Guys these days are damn weird. When you're busy, they don't seem interested. Then when you're not, like doing your usual things, banyak pula yang gila-gila datang. I don't know how to put it all in words anymore. I feel its like a rebound to both of us. After all that shyts... I really fear.. you know.. then at work ader lagi.. oHmYGaWd! Hide me in the woods please~

he's the reason for the tear drops on my guitar,
the only thing that keeps me wishing on my wishing star..

Boys and Balls

After long consideration.. I finally bought these. I couldn't find any nice shoes with Ebelin last night so I fetched her home after shopping at OU. Next, to Steffie's then Kayu's to meet the Ego-Bruised bunch. The whole place was packed with football fanatics. MU won Liverpool, Chealsea won Arsenal. hah. Though I was never a fan of watching sausages chasing after a ball and how the players pathetically roll on the ground a few rounds after getting just a slight kick or a push, I somehow enjoyed the match. Mia was pretty much stoning last night, my mind was everywhere! omg.. I've got the Penguin's disease! heehee. Got home around two and went to sleep without setting my alarm. And so, I was late for class this morning. Later, I will be meeting Jan, Ben, Kenny and Leyvin for PR discussion. Damn. Due date's like.. next week? We're so screwed this time. :S

See.. See.. I'm lurvin' it!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

By Phatdolla

It's D-O-N-E .
My IDTP Print Ad for Classroom Seven, also known as XZ Club. *claps* ~perasannesss~

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Unspoken Words

I'm shocked, I'm stunned
dia.. dia.. dia.. dan dia..
charming, cute, potential, successful
but.. bitchy, immature, unavailable, weird
four individuals are referred here alright
you do the math
wait wait.. got another one..


Something has gone into my head lately. I'm feeling sick right now. Had a drink with the same bunch till five something in the morning again. Dad was very unhappy bout it when I reached home but no words were spoken. hah.

For the coming five weeks, my schedules are gonna be jampacked.

To-Do's :

1. Find books on Printing Press for MHL
2. Complete IDTP Print Ad and Newsletter Makeover
3. Do research on group magazine's Fashion and Events section
4. PR group assignment-Hot Rides
5. Install Illustrator
6. Do revision on CTR
7. Prepare for finals in April
8. T.I.S stuffs

oouh somebody please SAVE ME. Oh Lord..

Friday, March 21, 2008

Boys NOWAdays...

I have not been this far apart from my cellphone before. I'd probably left it at home at most and not to the extend that I left it with someone else. *screams* "Terry!! Where are you...!!"

Came home at five this morning after yumcha with Steff and her friends at Murni's. Someone created a scene there but nothing interesting, no fight. The cops came in the end.. blah..

Bar Club was really busy last night. There was a full moon party going on where girls who entered in bikinis got free entries. After work at two, I was being dragged in by this couple of guys I met during the New Year's Eve to party with them. Next was Kenneth.. then Steffie.. then that dude.. then it repeats again.. finally, up dancing on the bar. I'm so gonna get screwed by Sham tonight. lol. Vince came with.. er.. Joe Win..?? But I couldn't find him in there. Stupoid boy. Hah! Bet he was drunk! *teehee*

*ahem* I gotta stop blogging bout the club so much.. God knows who else besides Ernest reads my blog.. "Ernest you stalkER!" hah.. just kidding. Last night's music was pretty good though. Too bad they didn't play my 'Low' and 'Calabria'..

Speaking of which, bad things' been happening to my friends lately. Resignation from work, boyfriend issues, break-ups... I feel them. Too bad I can't do nothing to change the world into a better place. hah! I ain't God lah you stupid! *laughin stupidly at myself* But seriously, boys are nothing but trouble. Most of them at least. Nothing ever satisfies them, don't you think? Boys just love to play. ~you fuckin break her heart by cheating and im gonna fuckin break your reputation~


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Day-Dreaming of You

It feels good taking a hot shower after many hours of standing in heels doing ..pretty much.. nothing. I really am sick of it already. I started work at 6pm, as if there will be much dinner crowd. Like come on, the waiters could do the job, it's an easy task to just smile and greet them. Helloe? My goodness..

My legs are killing me right now.

Last night, I went to Heritage Row with Ebelin, Eugene and their cousins, Benny, Gary, BB and Michelle. We first went to Cynna to redeem their bottle under custody and that mothafuckerfucktard-bitch! had to stop them. In the end, got everyone in and Joe couldn't enter. Why? that whore called her fuck-mate-boss. Everybody in the club HATES her. Her name's Fadzillah or somethin liddat. AKA Godzilla. When you see her fuckface, with short permed hair, with that mega-bitchy tone when she opens her blardy mouth, you'll know it's her. BITCH!

Loft was damn packed last night, just as pack as Maison's Thurday nights. They were playin R&B and it was definitely way more happening than Cynna Bar.

Now everybody's asking if I'm Malay. xoxo.
Ye-aa, aku melayu.. yang cakap banyak tuu.. *hehe*

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Jokes in MHL Class always bang coCK ar? -me
I always go wad.. -w.san
...what.. i always go wad.. -w.san
Mr.Indie: I'm bribe-able.. price starts off at RM150...
student: ....for passing or for A
Mr.Indie: ....think whAD!? I'm so CheAP ahh.. like a prostitude standing here....

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Strucked at Rocher*

Kenny! I know you're thinkin of humping that aunty... -leyvin

Eh! Leyvin.. keep your fantasies to yourself lar! -kenny



Tasteless Mushroom Linguini

Completed an assignment today before going out to meet M at The Curve. Bought a purse at Guess' sale, for a very good price.

Finally bought his belated birthday present. One that matches his new shirt.

I wanted to get the Burberry's Brit Sheer perfume but unfortunately it ran out of stock. *sobs*

Never judge a book by its cover. Never judge food by its look. Dinner at Vivo.

It was tasteless. yuck.

As I was gettin the bill at the counter, I noticed a guy walking towards me. As I turned around, there standing next to me, a guy named FUNG HOW. My long lost favourite addict *coughs*. He was with his new chick and guess what? He will be going for Tiesto! yay! He was there with me at my first rave (UV Nation), now, the second one. I'm lookin forward to it in May.

11:33pm. love.

Memories are coming back.
It can't stop screening in my head.
Everything reminds me of ..
please, .. No..
Get Out.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sie Yuen's 21st Birthday

Catch a glimpse of the memorable night..

*stretches body* *smiles*

I so miss last night! Happy Happy Birthday Gal! We had hell lot of dancing, yummy food and fun fun!

Sie Yuen's birthday party was held at Titanium Club (Phileo Damansara) last night. The whole place was booked for us with catered food. *wooowweeee* Everyone enjoyed themselves with fun chats, music and free flow of beers. (yEng.. you reading this...??) hahah.. you should've seen how Cyuen's dad danced.
Ebe's cousins; Benny, Gary, Michelle, BB came along..not forgetting aunt Joanne and the dad. xoxo. Have not seen the couz's for almost two years now as they live in Seremban. After the birthday cake and songs, we got Cyuen a Flaming Lamborgini. She got tipsy on those! Then...camwhore sessions after two bottles of Chivas.
Tagged: Aipeng, Janice, Ebelin, Elissa, Eugene, Benny, BB, Michelle, Gary

The next stop was Bamboo 9, after long consideration of the usual where-to-go. Had a bottle of Dewars and danced our night away. Terry was there too waiting for her bOYfriend. *ahem*
(Fatman's lok-lok is not as good as the Abang's lok-loks at Heritage Row. It even got my tongue bitten!)

I will upload more pictures from the party once I'm done with the editing. Till the next post comes in, Adios.

Friday, March 14, 2008


Woke up yesterday noon feeling restless. I needed to go to the library, for some assignment. LeyVin called and said he wanted to go as well, and so, we met in college. Kenny completed his work before we reached so he left, leaving Edmund there with us. As we were getting on it.. boys being boys.. they..

wrestled. *sigh*

Left for work at 5. There were events going on last night; The Malaysian-Re thingy.. as well as Marlboro. I lost my two new cool lighters. damn. I bought one of it and got the other one from the Marlboro dude. :(

The day before that was my PR assignment due date. Had been working my eyeballs and brains real hard for that. Ms. Karam better be happy with my work. ;)

Since I've handed in my work, and I had few hours to spare after class-before work, I chilled around C7, then Piramid with M & her boy. yucky Lavender Cheesecake at Winter Warmers. *pukes* I'm so in love with Ipod-Touch!

Leyvin: Kenny got CUM for ctr arr?

*Edmund and I burst out loud*

Leyvin: I mean, REAlly.. Kenny got CUM for ctr arr??????!!!

*we laughed even harder*

Leyvin:.....I mean 'come'='attend'

... =_=ll

It's Sie Yuen's Birthday Party tonight. xoxo

I fuckin left my purse with the bartender last night. damn.

oooo... somEone gave me a surprise this morning. A gift all the way from Seremban. Thanks hunn! :) yummylicious!

aight. I'd better get showered now. boohoooooo! love.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Says Mushroom

"If you can't find Mr.Right, just simply pick a random guy, then make him your Mr.Right" -DJ Mushroom

Thanks, 1) Ernest, for the CD ;) 2) Mr.K, for the ice-cream 3) Cherish, for the lok-loks 4) Bryant, for the advices..

Exhausted. Both mentally and physically. Good Night, love.