Friday, February 29, 2008

Boys Just Love To Play

For some reasons, I find all guys are about the same. What ever show they put on, what ever sweet words they say, what ever compliments they give you, when they have you under control, all they want is just to play. You should get what I mean.

It is probably their nature, their raging hormones, their.....

One minute you're dancing with them on the dance floor, next minute their fingers go running elsewhere..this and tell me.

No guys are perfect. The best ones are either taken or they're players. None are 101% loyal to their so-called love of their life or what ever crap they call it. Even when they are with someone they love already, at the end of the day, they will still come out and play. Just for the sake of having some fun, something fresh. They're never satisfied with what they have and often give in to temptations. So, in the end, scandals.

The not-so-good ones couldn't fulfill the criteria. Personality or appearance problems, turn-offs. Well, majority are in this kind. Forever trying, and trying, and trying. Okay.. some may be lucky to find a good one, some just keep failing. Poor thing. In this, it is also applicable to us females. We cannot deny that alright. sobs.

All guys are boys at heart. Most men too. (ya ya.. weihui's talkin as if she knows them so well. blah blah just shut up) Honestly, that is what I see in them. Pretty much predictable you know. Half of the time you're just acting stupid as if you don't know what they are up to. don't think we're stupid okay?

The ones you eye on are either interested but unavailable or just couldn't give two fuck bout you. The ones you never laid an eye on, not even for a second, you know lah.. need me say more?

(I'm not pointing this towards anybody okay.. don't get me wrong.)

aduii.. wobuchetao lah.. pening sial. Some shyts just keep happening. that's why.

It is.. what you guys call it "" fuckinretard!

To those who gets turn off easily, like mia, what should we do to ourselves man. Play play play... and what do we get out of it in the end? nothing. okay okay.. grow old and tell your grand-grand-grand-children how you've once made out with random hotties in clubs, had scandals with people's boyfriends, smoked your lungs away every chance you get, got drunk twice weekly, slept with how many hundreds of guys in your 80 years life time, ........ wonder how is it gonna be like. hmm. xoxo.


you're helpless lah gohweihui!


I'm going nuts!

Lemme hear your say.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Visiting Ted

Mid Terms ENDED! I'm FREE. What a relief. Time to DE-STRESS!

Bloody hell. We were waiting outside of Ted's wad when the boys started cracking stupid jokes and played with everything they could find. Exp: Alcohol Hand Sanitizer.. (Kenny got high on it, Leyvin couldn't stop laughin at him/with him, Edmund, Mini, San and I just shook our heads)

Leyvin: eH Kenny. Why don't you flick the CPR thing laa. Then go home and try on your dad.

and.. porn for Ted? WTF man.

Had a long tiring day yesterday walking around the mall, three yumcha sessions, got owned in pool (as usual), ....

Lately, whenever I'm out till four or five in the morning yumcha-ing, it's either with M or him..this demanding kidnapper.

So if one day I go missing in action out of a sudden, you know who to find lah. xoxo.

oOo..oOo.. I was forced to blog about this..: DAVID IS SO FUCKIN SWEET....OMG.. SO ROMANTIC...YADDAADDAAYYAAADAAAA.... =S

nuff said baby. LOVE.

official? have patience.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Her Doesn't Do's

In my Fortune Cookies

Sorry. I just met a lala earlier. She taught me to so this..


About a girl named Sheila.

She doesn't smoke.
She doesn't drink.
She has no boyfriend.
She goes home before 12am.

xoxo. WTF.

Dom, I hope you're reading this. Now..laugh with me. hAHAHAHAHhahhaaahhaaa!


From Yesterday

Three 3 down, 1 more to go..
The last paper will be tomorrow..Mr-Quite-Hot lecturer's *ahem* class. I think I'll get Jenn, May, Jan, Fenny, Maggie and all to zap-zap him. xoxo

I could answer my CTR paper for the FIRST bloody time. OMG. Miracle. hah..not!
I had three alarms set, one at 7am, 7.30am, then 8.00am. Cut the story short, I woke up at 8.
Jumped outta the bed and got prepared for my oh-so-important last minute CTR revision. It was all gooooooood. hah. Nicely thinking that my paper's at 10.30am, I drove out of home at 9.15am. Then, I realized something was wrong, checked timetable and FUCK. It's at 10.00am. Speed to college, had no idea where my class is, went all the way to programme office making myself sound like a bimbo ..

"Hi! I've got an exam right now, mid term. But I don't know where my class is. Please help..", with a smile on my face, I said that.

I swear that the lady so wanted to give me a tight slap. xoxo.
..that was after that many phone calls I've made to Grace, Kenny, Ms.Nicole, Wei San.....

I tried to study MHL in the car but the outcome of it was no good at all. My itchy fingers were messing aroung with everything in my ride. sigh. By the way, me love photography. *randomness*

I went to look for Mel after the exams ended. I drove passed this place the other day, it captured my attention so I decided to give it a try. My girls were supposed to join us but too bad, they were busy. (our visit Ted plan was cancelled due to some reasons)

This is..

The food was pretty good. I rate it 3 Star and I love their Strawberry Cheesecake.
I can bring you there, but ain't gonna tell you where! :p

I present to you, KOKOPELLI.

The night ended at Kayu's. nuff said.

I can't read you yet.
oh no..not another one..

Monday, February 25, 2008

Good News vs Bad News

Exams.. o-nooo...

Let me first give you the bad news. It is regarding my previous post about Ted, he really met an accident and is currently in bad condition. Ted's girlfriend suffered from internal bleeding, the other back passenger is still in coma while the driver's a-okay. This new guy at college (architecture) died on the spot during the accident. They were in a Myvi when another car hit them from the back (if I'm not mistaken), the car spun, turned over, and the three fellows at the back flew out of the car (Ted's one of em').

Could you imagine that? My classmates and I are going to the hospital after our two papers tomorrow noon to visit them. You guys out there.. DRIVE PROPERLY! especially when you're driving a Malaysian car.

Now, the good news. I have two of it though.

Firstly, PR paper was pretty okay.. I could answer 80% of it. lalalalala~
but i've got two tough papers tomorrow. :(

Secondly, I'm going to BANGKOK! say whud? Bang-KOK! wheeeeeee.....! Ebelin booked the tickets already and we'll be leaving in June.
Sie Yuen, Ebelin, Aipeng, Eugene and I will be travelling together, SHOP TILL WE DROP! woooehooooe! Party Party Baby!


boy.. are you for real?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ted In An Accident

I was revising earlier when I heard of a tragic which happened to one of my college mate, Ted. This was what Ben told me.

b E n *- ted met with an accident this morning 5am like dat on the federal highway near amcorp mall. admitted into university hospital quite serious hit from the rear and the car spun and rolled. i was clubbing with him then we left in separate cars to meet in another place

Miss Shapalapadingdong: how bad is his injury?

b E n *- his face badly injured, one of our friends died on the spot, 3 were sitting behind when it happenned, 3 of them flew out of the car including ted

Miss Shapalapadingdong: fuck man, then the driver and front passenger?

b E n *- driver nothing at all, passenger was ted's chick, she was sleeping when it happened and woke up in hospital, the seat belt injured her badly

Miss Shapalapadingdong: omg is ted still conscious?

b E n *- yup, might be going singapore to do plastic surgery

Miss Shapalapadingdong: why suddenly happen?

b E n *- accident, another car hit

I did not believe in the beginning but how could I not? We are like in the midst of examination and this happened? Ben couldn't be pulling another prank on me, would he? Thank God Ben and Janise were not involved in the crash. Pray hard that Ted and the rest are okay.

First mid term paper starts tomorrow morning. Good Luck fellow youssss..

you guys..don't forget Phua's Newsletter make-over, PR individual assignment and Mr.quite-hot-lecturer's photo editing.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Get Over It Already.. :(

I thought I was dreaming again when I received a call from dad, Ebelin and Eu Vin this morning/afternoon when I was sleeping. It was almost 3 when I woke up as I slept real late this morning.

After meeting Mr.Charming a.k.a Edmund at college yesterday to pass him the Adobe CD, James and I went to catch a movie at Cineleisure.

Hell yeah the movie was darn good.
Starring The Beauty, Briana Evigan (Andie) and The Hottie, Robert Hoffman (Chase),
Step Up 2 is definitely the movie of the year, according to me. (xoxo) Andie looks a lot like Brooke from One Tree Hill and the cheerleader from Heroes, don'tcha think? I was drooling over Chase..he's so f****** hot! sssssssszz*it burns. Quote me baby.

It was Dominique's farewell last night. He's returning to Miri this Sunday to continue his next sem. He's got this obsession over Korean and China chicks.. apparently they're "super hot" *sigh* Dom will always be Dom..can't blame him. ;p

Came home at 5 this time after another drink at Kayu's. It was a good day, he said.

wooow. look who's back?!

my baby...midget!

sexayy back.

The colour didn't quite turn out like how I've imagined it. well.. better than the previous one though, it carried too much of bad memories. Can't seem to get over it, not fully. Everything reminds me of ..... fucked up.

blaaaHHh! help me.

Last night, I was told that when a guy goes back to a girl after breaking up and give her another hope or tell her another "I love you", all he wants is just sex.

Guys, is it true? I guess it is..

Girls, don't be so stupid.

i don't trust love anymore. i fear it.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dude, Where's My Steamboat?

It is now 12.22 in the noon. Last night, Mel, her boyfriend and Xing* picked me up to have steamboat. We ended up having Western food in Taipan as we couldn't find the restaurant Janice told me about in Sunway. The food was alright although my Caesar salad tasted a bit weird. We each had a fortune cookie to ourselves (Fortune Cookie: Chinese cookies with a paper note in it). They sent me home at around 9 or so.

Half way doing my work on the Internet, I got a message from James Chee at about 11 something asking me out for a drink. I was trying to rush an assignment for Mr.Phua but he was so stubborn that he kept pushing me even after a million times of me saying "I can't", I finally gave up and went out to have a drink with him. I needed a puff anyways. We had a really long chat. By the time we realize how many hours have passed, it was about.. err.. 3.40am? This guy sure knows a lot of things and he talks a lot.

Got home at about 4, washed up and went to bed without taking my medication. Woke up this morning with a slight sore throat. crap.

I'm off to college now to meet Colin. Adios babeyh.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hungry Cops

Stubborn me have not been listening to doc's advice again. I had rice for dinner and a late night shower which was the cause of my bad cough. I had no choice, I was home late.

I just got home twenty minutes ago. Earlier in the evening, I went to the police station with Melissa and her boyfriend to forge a report (my fourth time there). It's between Mel and her boyfriend's cousin, so I shall not elaborate on that. It was his fault. Mel was made to buy the cops KFC for having an expired driving license. what nonsense. 30 bucks for the chickens is better than 300 bucks fine, right?

We left the police station around eleven to have a drink at the mamak near my place. They serve the best Nasi Lemak and Maggi Goreng in PJ according to many. Even Ivan Yap said so.

Go give it a try, you might love it too.
I had a little talk with Mel's boy before that when she wasn't around. I could tell from his tone of voice that he loves her a lot. Though he works and stays at JB/Melaka, which is a few hours of drive away, he often travel down to PJ during the weekends just to spend some time with her. How many boyfriends would do that? He practically pays for most of her things; rents, car, phone bill..etc. He also said he was thinking about having a family with her once his career is stable. Not many guys would do what they say but he sounded pretty genuine. Call me guillable but I believe him. unlike some people..

Mel hunnay, he loves you. Treasure this relationship. My blessings to both of you, sweetheart. He could be the one you're waiting for.

This is Melissa. The one of my closest friend in town. One I share most secrets with besides Joe and Vince. One who will call you out when she know you're in trouble and then just seat there quietly next to you until you start telling her your problems. She may crack the lamest jokes in the world at times, be extremely crazy at times, cheer you up with the silliest way possible, but she's been a very good friend. I love you dear. She's beautiful at heart.

I just got a new nickname today from DJ Warren. Baby D, that's what he gave me. xoxo. It's getting late now. 8 o'clock class in the morning. nighty-nights baby.


I only have a class on Thursdays which leaves me a lot of time in the day to do my others stuffs. Today was supposed to have a meeting at NSTP, Bangsar but it was being called off last minute. I ended up at Starbucks evaluating the profiles in our (T.I.S) database with Joe.

I wonder how can some people be such idiotics to send me profiles without pictures, pictures without profiles, pictures with silly poses like 1-2-5 (kawaii style), handphone pictures..etc. It is an essential to have studio pictures for your portfolios or at least decent and clear shots of yourself when you create your profile. The reason is because these pictures are to be shown to the clients, not just for our own references. Get whad I mean?
nuff said baby.

I came across this girl's profile. In it she mentioned..

"Hobby : Singing Performe . Sun tan . Shopping . I LIke To Sing N Performed ..Im Looking A BAnd To Join As Well..I Got no Expreriece To Sing On Stage . Im Looking For Who InterestedTo Train Me As A Perfect Performer n Singer In This World ..Entertainment Job For E****e Always Avalidable ..Waiting For CAlll...Than k"

Like ohmigod. What was in her head when she typed that? PeRfECt-iN-tHe-wORld..... xoxo. Broken English..Joe and I both just couldn't stop laughing reading it. Like hello? get the picture?

Ever Ever After. It's playing in the tv box infront of me right now. Is there really a "Happily Ever After" ? Does it really really exist in this world of injustice, selfishness and ... I really doubt so. Maybe just a very few in a billion. hah. What a joke. but I want mine.. sobs

Realize by Colbie Caillat, one of my current favourite track. I mean.. look at her. I think she's beautiful and her voice is.. not to say fantastic, but it is pretty good actually.
Calabria 2007 by Enur ft Natasja, Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis and Tattoo by Jordin Sparks are another few favourite tracks of mine this season.

H***, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I said no dates, but I didn't say no friendship.
I'm Sorry.

No more lies. I'm hurt enough.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


*yawns* Just got home awhile ago from Aman Suria. I was there for a drink with David, Wei Juan, Leland, Chee Siang and his girlfriend, this young looking guy named James and another guy whom I've forgotten his name (sorry). Someone said he was alone and needed help so I went there to find a bunch of guys talking about cars..Cars..CARS. The whole time I was feeling drowsy because of these..

My cough and flu worsened last night so dad decided to bring me to the doc's. Just look at the amount of pills with cough syrup in addition to that. I've been dragging it since I last went to Genting. I could hardly taste any food I eat now, even cigarettes. I got an MC last night so I skipped classes this morning and slept till noon.

Mr.Jerry said my Mr.Right will come, just wait, it's all about fate. yeah.. I agree. If it's not mine, it will never be mine.
I miss him dearly, but I know he will never be mine, his heart will never be. Oii. Dear Mr.Right.. mana you?
It's bed time now. I'm starting to feel the kick of those colourful pills already. If I don't wake up tomorrow morning, you know what I mean.. sorry-lah, no more blog updates. No internet connection in heaven. xoxo

Good Night loves.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Featuring Alan T & S.Hui Jing

Alan Tan Kim Loong
Born on..
Origins of..
A former Lasallian.. Current HELP
1980s baby..
Hot, Charming, Intelligent, Friendly, Nice, Sexy... *ahem*

Vote for him! Click here..

There. Being an awesome friend as I am, I helped him to do publicity as I agreed to. He totally deserve it. The Finale falls on the 7th March, Friday at Zouk KL. Think he's hot? Come give him your support!

Alan T, featured.

Sin Hui Jing
Born on..
Origins of..
A Former CHS'.. Current TARC
1980s baby..
Beautiful, Charming, Intelligent, Talented, Sexy, Hot, Humourous..
Sign up and vote for her at.. ITalentStar:HuiJing
She's a good friend whom I've worked with a couple of times. A really nice and funny girl.
Just vote for her you guys. She's absolutely hot!

ITalentStar Launch Party
23 February, Saturday
8pm – Late (Show Starts @ 8.30pm)

Hui Jing, featured.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Surprises Make Me Happy

Current School Of Communication student project..
Some Turtle thingy..
This mascott just entered my computer lab earlier to do some publicity.

I'm so TIRED!! Slept at 5am this morning after rushing my MHL assignment. I skipped IDTP class earlier to come home. Dad took my Midget to the workshop today so I had to drive his manual Proton around till when I got a call from him earlier saying he'll come fetch me to choose my car colour. Surprise surprise! I told him about my Bangkok trip in the car.

"Dy.. if I go to Bangkok, you pay for my flight ticket lar then no need to respray my car. "

"Oh... $#@%& okay no need then.."

*browsing through the colours*

"aiya.. nevermind lar. spray only."

"Then my flight tickets how?"

" I'll pay for it"

*wow! what's going on? am I dreaming or what?*
"okayyyy..! I want.........this colour"
I fucking love him! Dad's the man! whooohooo..
Joe just called awhile ago. We've just got another two deals in hand with one on hold. What a good news! She even got me a job on Thursday which turns out to be for-malays-only.
How racist can that be?!

The other day I mentioned that I went to Laundry before Mardigras right? I was actually there because my friend, Dj Warren-V, was spinning that night so he invited me over. Melissa and her BF joined me there. Met Warren before he started his thing as he said he had something for me (to thank me for editing his pictures). Surprise! Another flowers.
Thanks, it was lovely.

This Two Guys

Firstly, let me just clarify that this post is all about this two person.

Person number 1 is this guy I love, but not in love with.

I know I know.. don't worry, it's not about my ex. He is someone really special in my life. but hey! Not my dad either! xoxo

This he I've known for years. I remember that morning, when I woke up, feeling my worst, in tears. I called him, wanting to tell him about everything that was going on. I drove to his place instead. It was in the afternoon then. As I started talking to him, I broke down.

"I've never seen you like this before.. stop crying already.. you look ugly when you cry..,"

I remembered him telling me that. Funny enough, I smiled but still.. with tears rolling down my cheek.

It was the moment I will never forget. It was one of my worst. I've had my ups and downs. He's had his too. He's the one who was always there to lend an ear and shoulder whenever I needed one most.

Thank you.

Though he always annoy the shyt out me whenever I'm out with him, he will shut up in the end when I ask him to. hahahs That's what I'm talking about. He knows when I'm troubled. God knows how. He just know it. He'll try his very best to comfort me with silly words but he often fails. lalala~ and he knows it too. :p

Nono.. don't get me wrong. He doesn't have a thing for me, neither do I have any for him. It is just a special relationship that we have. Both full of shyts. xoxo

(This is cheesy.. but heck? Appreciate lar bit!) hehe.
Bottom line is, he's the greatest friend I could ever ask for. I treasure everything we've had. Cheers. Love you big time! *you know who you are*

Okay, next. This is, also, a guy. Don't ask me why. I'll blog about my girls next alright?

I remember when I first met him, at the office where I worked in last year. He looked like some bloody conman, like seriously (speaking in that bimbo tone). As I got to know him better while working at roadshows with him, I realised that he's another talk-cock-king like the first guy I mentioned. No doubt that he's a really funny guy, and a very nice one.

I remembered being put at the office for about a month with him. The office was new so there were only the three of us working including the manager, Sean. Every day, I'll be disturbing him. He did the same too. At times we'll slack and start chatting the hours away. I will try to access to his notebook to check out the pictures he had. There was this once when I found a photo of this chick in her inner piece but I pretended to not see it. (Now you know!) xoxo .

When I was at Singapore to check out the campuses there, he was there, accompanied me and showed me around (he's a Singaporean). He will never let me pay for most of the things, even our meals when we were working or cab rides. I'm like this innocent little girl to him. (but hey..I ain't no small kid okay)

Those were the days-lah. I haven't seen him for almost two years now. but guess what??!

HE'S BACK! Royston's back! I just got a call from him awhile ago. He's currently in JB visiting his grandparents and will be in town on Tuesday. wheeeeee! *jumps around with my yellow pom-poms* He will be bringing his sweetheart along. lalala~ First, Pam. Now, who?

whoever lah! I'm so excited! (yo! you fellow Dream Team's.. lets gather once more!)

~Royston must be smiling reading these.. :)~

Here are some random shots of the day.. enjoy

Now back to my assignment. shyt.