Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kick Those Bad Lucks Away!

Maxis has finally brought in the candy that everybody has been longing to get hold of, the all new iPhone 3G.

I laid my hand on one five days before the launch to get used to every applications in that baby. It comes in 8gb and 16gb. However, only the 16gb set comes in white which i totally fell for. Besides the 3G data service and GPS function, everythin is a duplicate of the old version. Still a cool gadget because of the games and my favourite was no other than the Texas Hold'em! It got me excited and most importantly, entertained.

Since I lost my phone again, yes, AGAIN, and this time my Sony, with ALL of my friends numbers in there, i got myself a Nokia E71 for a change. I wanted the Blackberry but with the service charges and the two year conntract plan, I figured it was too much to pay for and very troublesome. So far so good, this phone has serviced me well. I'm just hoping to get back all the numbers again, which is really gonna be a pain in the chubby ass.

So did I mention where did I lost my phone? Wow, you'll be surprised. It was at Phuture, yes,, Zouk, and was picked poketted. Apparently, it happens every weekend there. So you guys better watch out for these bastards.

Baby Lappy went in to emergensy wad again, so blogging from my phone, again. Pictures will be uploaded ... Soon.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Say I


..just had the maid to cook maggi goreng tom yum ayam for my dinner

..just had my neighbour over to fix my internet connection settings (considering P1, but what am I gonna do to my wireless modem that had cost me a bomb?)

..just uploaded some party pictures onto Facebook

..just finished editing the MassColympic tickets

..just replied Daniel's and Gary's silly tags earlier

..just wished I was taller and smarter listening to Light On by David Cook

..just wished I hadn't gotten my HTC stolen

..may be short, emotional, sensitive, lame, and love to have my mind wander around, I am really not a dumb-blonde (this to you syang! and Dice!). Neither am I desperate! (to Ted!)

..have been thinking a lot hoping to see all my new and long lost buddies at Bar Club tomorrow (Friday) for their R&B Soft Launch managed by the new management team (Ash and gang) - you may contact me on my cell (012-8611200) or Ash (017-6553940) for reservations. Only calls will be entertained by me as it auto-diverts to my another number :)
Bar Club RnB Friday night Promotions:

1 Bottle of JW @ RM319 (admits 5ppl)

Twin pack Promo: (Choice of Private Karaoke Room, VIP lounge, VIP areas)
2 Bottle of JW @ RM 599.00 ( FOC 1 btl 20CL Miniature)
2 Bottle of Smirnoff Red @ RM 569.00

Triple pack Promo: (Choice of Private Karaoke Room, VIP lounge, VIP areas)
3 Bottle of JW @ RM859.00 ( FOC 1 btl 20CL Miniature )
3 Bottle of Chivas @ RM949.00 ( FOC 1 4.5CL Miniature )
2 Bottle of JW+ 1 Glenmorangie @ RM 888.OO

Quad pack Promo: (Choice of Karaoke Room, VIP lounge, VIP areas)
4 Bottle of JW @ RM1119.00 ( FOC 2 btl 20CL Miniature )
4 Bottle of Chivas @ RM1199.00 ( FOC 2 btl 4.5CL Miniature )
2 Bottle of JW + 2 Bottle of Glenmorangie @ RM 1128.00

*all the above for Private Karaoke Rooms, VIP lounge & VIP areas are on first come first serve basis, so pls RSVP asap to michelle yip @ 012-2132019, mich lim @012-2808046 to confirm your place.

Promo For Package After 12AM

2 Btl Black Label @ RM729.00 ( 1 Btl 20CL Miniature )
2 Btl Hennessy VSOP @ RM769.00
2 Btl Single Malt Glenmorangie @ RM749.00
2 Btl Chivas Regal @ RM772.20 ( FOC 1 Btl 4.5CL Miniature )

3 Btl Black Label @ RM899.00 ( 1 Btl 20CL Miniature )
3 Btl Hennessy VSOP @ RM949.00
3 Btl Single Malt Glenmorangie @ RM929.00
3 Btl Chivas Regal @ RM1095.00 ( FOC 1 Btl 4.5CL Miniature )

4 Btl Black Label @ RM1199.00 ( FOC 2 Btl 20CL Miniature )

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Think Fashion

On the 5th of March, Thursday, was the launch of Mene collection by Anushya Safira at TwentyOne Bar, featuring DJ Chelsea. Thanks Jess C for inviting over to support her instead of the designer (she was modelling for the label).

After the show, Stef and I headed to Mardigras for some.. uhmm.. Students Night. Sorry to say this, but I really cannot stand that place, it was horrible crowd. (I will only be there because David K asks me to, loves buddy)

Saturday noon. Woke up at three. Pig-out in the room. Bloghopping on mutual friends sites.

As I was doing all that, I came to this site, a fashion site. It was the Rebellz . Wow-ow. I was amazed with the collection. The designers are in like whud? early twenties? Call it talents, inspirations, whatever. It was good, nuff said.

The first click to the site leads to their ad. I think Kimora when I looked at it. *claps* The fashion shots were professional-like, Brian Lu, was it? Wait, are we talking about the same Brian that I always see? (you can find his link on my HUNNIES collumn)
I missed their launch at Goddezz, Mont Kiara, last month. Josh Lim told me about it but it slipped out of my head, daymn. It was too late to get there when Janice called me that day. So yeah. Should they be the next Baby Phat, they better be BETTER! Cheers to all ladies.

This Sunday, which is tomorrow, will be the International Women's Independence Day celebration at Blanc Le Club. Free flow of cocktails for ladies from 9-11 (I just know that it ends before 11). Sayangs sekalian, call me if you're going cause I am. (Joe will kill the blogger of this blog if anybody bails out) You hear me?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Kaki Mabuk Poppy

On such happening and fun night ended up with a tragedy, the lost of my precious!
O' baby HTC 3G of mine. It has only been less than four months..

Phone: 1999
Capcase* pouch: 99
My birthday present from Joshua: priceless
(okay fine la.. just don't wanna name the price here)

Now, both my accesses to internet are GONE!


Even my friend's girl friend lost her purse with her identity cards, phones and money in it.
What a place to party when you losses things at the end of the night!
Boycott Poppy thieves.
Lucky enough, I met Khean, Hemraj, Razif and Ken Nie there too. Happy Birthday Razif! It was because of running from table to table that got me so distracted that I didn't even realize that my sling bag was unzipped and even zipped back. I was too careless.

Aipeng Photography.

Just look at the AH-Beng Matthew. malu-fied! Both their lobster faces!

Ash: I surrender..!

Andrew & Double Weis'

We doing our thang!

San . Ash . Daniel

ice ice baby..

Michelle . Derek

Derek . Andrew

See! I wasn't the only one wasted.

Thanks Daniel for taking care of me when I was drunk. ;)

I've got a joke for the day!



Boys' Toys

Just got back my lappy today. Happy-Lappy me!

Some time last week, Michelle Yip invited me to the launch of Boys Toys Night (every Monday) at Boilers Room, Hartamas, featuring expensive cars and bikes. Just in case you do not know where that is, it is actually the extended room of Breakers, the newest club in Hartamas.

I was warmly greeted by Melvin upon arrival. Little did I know, Advertlets were invited as well. Which also means that Josh Lim was there too. (ahh.. his face is seen everywhere!) I was brought into the club to meet the Stoned Munkeys bunch. They were not-so-stoned that Ash, being the so-called PR fellow that night, gave us a few complimentary cocktails (drinks were not on the house that night, but buffet was, but I missed it!), tried to con us up the podium with cheap offers of Long Island (heh. Sorry la Ash. still buddy kay? :p), and got a new eye-candy.

They have really cheap bottle promotions there. Correct me if I am wrong, ...
FOUR bottles of whisky + TWO jugs of cocktails + ONE beer tower = RM1200.00
That is so damn worth it!

Melvin Francis, the PR Manager/Club Manager, and Jasmine (Dice's gf)

Joanne Clarks (i likey her name. sounds like the superman dude on tv)
& Cheryl Lokey (sounds like candy, aye?)

One thing I realized, I looked drunk in most pictures taken. hmm.. In my previous posts too. But, the truth is, I was not. It was the stuuuupid Lumix flash! Really..... I'm sober.. always. ;p
To all Hello Kitty fans, MAC cosmetics just launched their new limited edition makeups, everything about Hello Kitty. You can check it out at Midvalley. (ends on Sunday or Monday, sorry I forgot)