Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's Cloudy Back Here

M feelin emo.
Envious to see photographs of friends studying abroad with a big broad smile on their faces.

M really happy for them.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Justin-Mustin Turned Nineteen!

In 1990, a boy named Justin by the surname of Ooi was born into the music-talented family.
Growing up as a rascal has given mummy Pauline a very hard time. He would drink up half the glass of beer he sees lying unattended on the table, often make his baby sis cry, worst of all, ......


However, the good o'Lord performed a miracle on him by changing him forever. He now commits to church as a cell leader, performer and as a member, a total different individual. He lives by the rule of God, plays his role as a good loving son and brother...best of all.......

still drinks milk out of the baby bottle with pacifier! aww.....

Baby Jon with his babysis, Michelle.

Michelle, her mom and a bunch of their closest friends from church threw a surprise party for him at their nanny's apartment in Damansara. The names I remember: Daniel, Temple, Marcus, Ian, ........ I'm one forgetful old woman.

After the birthday party was the adult's party at Rishi's Bangsar place.
I'll soon update on that.
I prepared cocktail sausages, it was a very last minute thing. There were a bunch of great people I met that night.....and a snake. Yes, a SNAKE, reptile, bulu-roma naik, venomous creature........

........................to be continued.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

El Habanero

Last Wednesday evening, I got a call from David to go down to KL for a drink. Well, he and Joe were being the typical alcoholic that night.

In his new Baby C, he suddenly took out a pink Winnie The Pooh sanitizer.
Now see, I am not the only one who uses it. Even a tough fella like him uses it too!

He's one friend that I am very proud of, I'd say it aloud.

Oh, being the sweet ole' friend, he bought us a bottle of Glenmorangie that night. aww...

We call him Chicken. Never got to know his real name
...or Wan I think?

Oh, I encountered a crazy woman yelling at us that night. How interesting..

Cheers ya'll.

Friday, September 25, 2009

In Love With The Man in White

August, 3rd Month anniversary

September, 4th month.. and still counting..
The night before was Nadine's Surprise party at Luna. Saif planned it, we.. kinda ruined it

Jon Saif Nadine Suzanna Stephanie

*jumps onto you* *bites nose* *jumps off* *runs*

Love Always

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Manipulation Is Devil's Work

That was such a p****'s work.

I got a warning text a couple of days back from an unknown number of 019-6686880.
The anonymous refused to reveal its identity. So tell me, what's the use of that warning, again?


Then came a comment on my Raya post.
Aduhai... Anonymous and more anonymous..

What have I done wrong? Did I kill your dog, snatch your boyfriend, rape your brother, burn your car or steal your under garments (like how mine just got stolen again!) ???!

ANYWAYS... I'm gonna pass on Guinness tonight. Gotta take care of the sick baby which I so damn well did. To those going, have fun.

Now lets see... Sushi for lunch, Mediterranean and rojak for dinner.....
Up for bak kut teh or steamboat tomorrow?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Raya!

Aduhh! Terjatuh keras kali ni.....

Selamat Hari Raya!
Save some lemang and rendang for me!

Budak Melayu kat London, cepat-cepat pulang! Dah rindu ni...

"You're the reason for global warning, but I'm the cure,
cuz I'm too cool for you.."

- kata Budak Melayu bernama Faiz, abang ipar kesayanganku!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Missing Pictures

Janice's Farewell, continued. That woman went missing upon touch-down at Switz!
Someone over there please hunt her down and put her on the phone please, thank you.

Leyvin Turned 20! Three fuckin dramas in a night, two venues, none wasted.
Long Bar, Sanctuary.

me love polaroids!

Last but not least,
Johnnie Walker: Join The Pact, Never Drink and Drive!
That's Elvi Kon with me on one of our Penguin Nights.
Too bad I missed out the last event. :(

Btw.. Notice Board time.

A) Fashion Baby!
Hey peeps! Julia is showcasing her collection of clothes together with Rebellz and a few other designers this Saturday at Mist. We need your support for the young and local designers. Tickets priced at RM20 and it goes to charity!

Contact Ken Joe at 017.3731307

B) Second-hand DSLR for sale.
1. D40x body selling for RM1200, inclusive of two memory cards, two batteries and a charger.
2. D200 with battery grip and two batteries, along with a charger and a memory car. Selling for RM3000.
All in excellent condition.

Contact Alvin at 017-2455696

C) HAPPY BIRTHDAY SURESH! Feeling Older today?
See you guys on Saturday!

D) It's Azre's Buka Raya this Sunday! Rendang, here I come! Wait, did I read 'alco' in the message?

Back to Graphs and May 1969....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wipe That!

You know, I notice one bad habit that most guys posses.

They Can't Aim Their PEE Properly!

The aftermath: STAINED TOILETS

You can tell what a guy is like by looking at their toilet. Of course I meant those who lives by himself lah, or at least one who lives with his family but does his own toilet.

Actually, that wasn't the main idea of this post. But, I don't know how I got to that. Sorry guys, but its the truth.

Perhaps its because of the dirty stained toilet seat in the ladies I just got out from a minute ago. Women, please don't be so disgusting. Clean or at least WIPE after use, wrap up your business nicely and flush down completely.

Oh and by the way, i'm in a fancy restaurant/bar okay? I did not just use a public toilet where hygeine and cleanliness are no big deals. With all the many different viruses spreading around, all people can worry about is being in the public surrounded by people or travelling abroad. Why not look into your own home first, or your own restaurant. Lets start with the toilet okay?

Maybe you could help stop the spread of a new toilet disease, well, you never know!

Sorry lah. Im slacking at VetroBar. Supposedly studying for midterm papers this week. I just needed a break of ten minutes to check Facebook, five minutes blog-hopping and another few minutes to update my blog while waiting for mybitche to come over so that he could nag and push me to study. That was excuses. I am just lazy.

I will update my events on Penang trip, Leyvin's birthday, Nadine's birthday and Casa Potluck once I'm done hitting my head with my econs book in hope that the graphs will fall out of the book into my head. SET! Vokay-Bye!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ugly Truth

On FB.. I love the funny people.. and their responses..

No DRAMA la people...
It was just a teaser

I attended the premier by Advertlets on Monday.
Thanks again, Josh. Attended by MyBitche & I along with another two couples,
Fiona + Andrew and Charis + Aloysius

We all enjoyed the movie: See Sexy, Funny, Flirtatious by Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl...

Our Merdeka

We arrived in the historical town of Malaysian, Melaka on the Merdeka Eve afternoon. The traffic was pretty heavy in town and I had to hold in my pee for a very long time! Grr.. Injured bladder indeed! We were there to meet Daryll, Kim and Alice (the new law intern from Australia) at Jonker Street. As a matter of fact, she does remind me of 'Alice in The Wonderland' with her bright wavy blonde hair, pretty big eyes, sweet smile......... except that she called herself a bimbo, sorta.

The trip to Melaka was for the purpose of bringing Alice to try and experience Malaysian culture and food before she return to her homeland. Well, lets just say she enjoyed it.

This shop designs and prints their own environment friendly themed t-shirts.

Jonker Street = Old School (Food+Shopping)
Old School = Antics (cheap ones!)
Shopping = Dirt CHEAP!


If you have watched Singapore's infamous, 'Little Nyonya', a set of tv series about lives of the Baba-Nyonya back in the World War years, you would wanna check this out. Remember the house they were living in? This was where it took place.

Dixon's family and mine followed the series too!

Sorry for the bananas, 'Little Nyonya' is in Chinese. You can consider reading the subtitles if you don't mind. ;)

Chicken Rice Ball? I liked the meats, not so much of the rice. You MUST only visit the corner lot shop because it tasted so much better than the one I tried on my last trip.

Want some Durian Cendol?
MyBitche and his guys L-O-V-E-S it!

We grabbed a bottle of Rose wine before we left for Port Dickson that night (we stayed at Joe's and I fell in love with my first bottle of Rose..... argghh)

The Pig & The Piglet's mouths got itchy upon arrival and got what we craved for that night, Ayam Panggang. It was the BEST we've tasted in PD, located by the road side, nice people with uniforms, oh and they serve Ikan Panggang and Keropok Lekor too!

The Afternoon Beach
Again, we had a Pizza, just like our last trip. But this time, we had a little extras from the Ramadan market. O yes, we both don't just love Japanese, Itallian, Indian (more for me) and Chinese cuisine, we also love Malay food. Its yummy.

What's there not to love about our country again?
No one would ever die of hunger!

....................................................................>>>>> next, Penang Trip, Leyvin's 20th

p/s: Simonso, there. Not another party post.
Go satisfy your tastebud now.. Bet you're drooling.

Stay tuned for more FOOD posts!