Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Money Talks

Dwayne Foong
(I've seen his photos, not bad. His fashion shoots and the models are pretty impressive. Hence, the ad on my blog)

Photographer Dwayne Foong is currently looking for fashion stylists, who are able to work together to create some fashion portfolio from time to time. If you are interested, or you know some one in mind, you can write to him at

Also if you're a fashion designer/boutique owners, who are able to loan out dresses, clothes, shoes and accessories, you can also write to him at - "let's work something out."

You can view his portfolio and photographs at this site:

#1 Monsoon Cup (1-6 Dec):
In search of Interns, Event Coordinators and Crews
to be stationed @ Terengganu around Nov-Dec. Interview will be held next Monday at 8pm to reveal full information about the job.
Sex: Both are welcomed

Pay: RM1k (to be confirmed)
Venue: Terengganu
Dates & Time: to be confirmed
Month: Nov-Dec (around there)
Provided: Lodging, Transportation, Food
Requirements: Enthusiastic, Hardworking, Independent, decent looking, experienced in event coordination, English proficient

E-mail CV + Photos (x3) to

#2 Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace (1-5 Dec):
Recruiting Office Crews and Female Ushers.
2nd Interview @ Malaysian Tourism Centre this Sunday
(only the chosen ones from the CV's received)

Positions Available:
Ushers/Exhibition Excort Officers - ushers delegates from all over the world to their desired booth of interest (Sakura, Air Asia, Cobham..etc). Strictly No hanky-panky. Only females can apply

Office Crews - coordinate, assist and work mostly from the office in ensuring the smooth flow of the event. That includes the planning and arranging of the flight, accommodation, activities and the demands of the delegates and ambassadors of other countries. Crews have to be English and computer literate, best with experience. Both male and female may apply.

Pay: Usher RM160/day; Office Crews: RM1.5k-3k (1/2 mth+event or 1 mth+event)

*Ushers will be needed there for briefing 3 days before event. Office Crews will be there for the period of time depending on availability* (1mth crews needs to be in Langkawi by 1st Nov, 1/2 mth crews will need to be there by the 21st to assist the first batch)

Provided: Food, Lodging, Transportation

Ushers - tall, good looking, able to converse fluently in English, confident
Office Crews - EXPERIENCED (in office work and events), decent looking, able to converse fluently in English, confident, hardworking, obedient

Email CV+Photos to ASAP, (before Saturday to attend the Sunday interview)


CV & Profile must include the followings:
Contact Number
E-mail Add
Spoken & Written Languages
Education Level
Work Experience
Special Skills
Position Applying for


Be Envious

The Mah-Dongs proudly brings you to ENVY!
(The Mah-Dongs = Mahjong dingdongs)

Me loves the Mah-Dongs! My Mah-ty~Party Mates!
wooooooo!hoo! lols. lame.

Nah.. Thanks Evo & Leonard for the invitations. It was the former Garage, Solaris Mont Kiara. We were given a mug and a digital frame as door gifts. sweet. I thought we got a new phone when we saw the little black box! He was better, he thought we got a bottle of alco each!

There were free flow of beer, wine and catered food that night.

Who says you can't meet clients and negotiate million bucks business in clubs!
At Envy, you can. *cheh cheh cheh. so advertorial.*

Leonard & Derek

mybitche, my drug, my alco.
the cold and emo one..

off to Loy's place for second round.

Mom in-law: Charis
Dad in-law: Loy
Siblings: Jon, Faiz & Prabesh
Daughter in-law: DARYNNE! MEMEME!!!

It's the Choong Family!

Malaysian races united! wait.. herh?

Hennessy Artistry 09'

25th of July 2009, Bkt Kiara
It was my third Artistry experience, and i'd say the best by far..
(well, at Orange, Jonz and I got challenged by the kiasu old man to drink till we drop dead. On the Lapsap night, mybitche and I were late and Zouk was too small of a place to hold such big event..)

This time around, I had lots of fun. Almost miss it though..
Thanks Clement! *sayangs botak*

When I got there with mybitche, we met his colleagues. So, we decided to settle with them. Me being the usual Miss D, cannot stay put. I escaped to the bar outside to grab some shots with Dixon and Jonz when they called. (Its not like there weren't drinks at O, it was constantly being served at our table, just that I don't getta drink happily with my babes). Out there, we were being real alcoholics downing shots with strangers and people we just met. Stumbled upon Roen, Prem, Roshan, Sonia Y, Nick Lim, Rachel C, Alan T, Ezra, Victor T, William, Vincent L, Eugene, Azre, Gwen, Marcus, Ebelin, Josh, Marcus, Epa and all when I was busy running with the boys. *monkeys jumping and clapping*

I haven't seen them in ages!

After all that, I flew back to my nest of comfort. :)
Awhile later... I carried a drunkard bitche out.. off to the loo.. off to the car.. off to the nearest convenient store, off to his home where I accidentally let go of him and off he fell into the drain. hohoho! It was unintentional baby. im sorry. *ROFL* It was chaotic. but funny.

oh. The drunkard driver who rolled over a cop then got beaten up like a pig that night, don't worry, it wasn't me. "Poor fella must be crippled", says Alan T.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Some time ago after the Ruumz Voters' Party @ Sanctuary.
A party-zarty at the usual with Zen, Grace, Chao, My Bitche......
O.. I met Arthur, Sonia and others as well (my bitche thought Arthur was John Paul which we found out later that they are siblings)
Zen-Z was one of my 1st generation clubbing devil back then, with Dixon, Malcolm and all. It was so much fun. Maison, Ruums, Mardigras, Loft...... those were the days...


Speaking of which, its been awhile since I last stepped into Z.

........ :(

Coming up events:

Hennessy Artistry (this Saturday)
Envy Club Launch (29th)
Juice's Birthday Anniversary (next Friday?)


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pick & Grill

Janice Lee.
SHE annoys the shyt outta me at time. But she's been a good friend to me all the time.
SHE can be a real bimbo and a bitch if you hit the wrong switch. But she's got the right charisma and attitude to make you think that she is an afterall, a fun woman.
SHE gets really mean laughing and teasing people she dislikes. But she speaks her mind with a sense of truth, trully.

SHE has bags and drawers of untouched branded makeups, splurges in Watson's and warehouse sales, all on things she doesn't need, believe me. She admits it herself. SHE tries hard to mend broken things but somehow some things just can never be fixed.

Oh! and I love her bags. Like the recent one she got from C&K. (WOMAN! you can't carry everything onto the flight lah!)

I'm gonna miss this Bitch. Noone will annoy the crap outta me then laughs at it after anymore like how she does. SHE is leaving to Switzerland in September. Lets pray.. for the people there. :D

XOXO. You know you love me..

(Jan.. hahahah! Just kidding!)

Just watched The Proposal last night with Advertlets. Amusing yet Romantic one. Dear! Do you have a mansion that I don't know of ???

he's such a cutie...

Go watch it if you do get the chance. No regret watching it. Especially not with My Bitche and the bitchy Jan. :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Estee Lauder Warehouse Sale on Saturday!


No justice nor fairness in spoken sentences.
Judged for given freedom of speech.
Glared for flaunting of assets.
Envied for intelligence and beauty.
Shunned for the fixing of imaginary damages.
Manipulated with intentions.

...does the poor shallows

... would anybody like to add?

"Certainly, though, there are societal norms - behaviors that are generally accepted by all members of society to be right and normal.

When one individual's behavior deviates too far from what is considered normal by the group, there's great upheaval - the group will decide whether to ostracize, to shun, or to accept the behavior given a bit of time.

If the behavior harms no one, there is a greater chance of acceptance, but the society may take some time to observe, sometimes with wary regard. If the behavior is harmful to anyone in the society, the person is regarded with suspicion and may be avoided. If the behavior is obviously harmful, even subtly, then the behavior, and the person doing it, will be shunned and even ostracized.

In this way,
we influence behavior - we encourage those behaviors that benefit society; examples: altruism, heroism, generosity, honesty."
.. read more here


To laugh often and much;
To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children;
To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends;
To appreciate beauty, to find the best in others;
To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition;
To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.
This is to have succeeded.


Saturday, July 11, 2009


Last night, bored. drank. drunk. puked.
Met Amirul, David C, Michelle Y, Victor, Ee Shuang, Joshua K, Rachel C, Kalpana...
Today, David K's birthday party, M-Circle.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Penang Food Trip

Last month, my bitche and I went on a food trip to Penang. Before leaving, we both agreed on a list of must-have food that we jotted down on a piece of paper.

*ticks*- fried oyster
*ticks*- duck egg char kuey tiaw
*ticks*- mochi
*ticks*- laksa
*ticks*- bangkok lane mee mamak
*ticks*- lok-lok
*ticks*- popiah
*ticks*- ice cream from the monkey botanical garden
*ticks*- senior citizen home chicken chop
- seafood (missed!)

...... we had a few other extras added onto the list along the trip... *drools*

Driving up was a killer. Staying with his granny was funny. Our alone time together, memorable.
It was a very relaxing yet fulfilling time: bum till 12 noon + eat till dawn.

..........................................................................................BE DROOL!


Bangkok Lane Mee Mamak

Senior Citizen Playground



Oyster! Char Kuey Tiaw! Ikan Bakar!


...............................and a special appearance by Miss Janice Lee

Thank us for saving your life from dying of boredom, Jan!
She was there for her Chevrolet roadshow at Gurney Mall, coincidentally.
So we kidnapped her after work and headed off for Feringgi where we ate, shopped and drank..

Sunset Bar was nice.

.....xoxo know you love us
...I'm gonna miss her when she's gone :(


"Don't look at me bitche! Don't ask me! She annoys me but she's been the best around!"

Note: My Bitche is known as Heineken to Janice.

......................................................*scares* *licks* *spanks* *kisses* *runs*

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