Monday, April 28, 2008

I Lied

This portrays my current emotion. I must be a doNUT for feeling this. It is wrong, I know.. but.. **** lhaah. They ain't worthy. Gotta rid this fast as it is driving me insane. Stop bothering me you stupid feelings.

Two papers down, three more to go..

Updates will come next when I have more time. Jeslyn's blog is worth the read. About someone who never fails to amuse me with his nonsenses. my mui damn tai-sek. Updates on my weekend at Aipeng's blog.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Lunch For Five

taken a year ago..

BaKERzin.. BakerZIN.. BAkerzin..

Mama Teoh's favourite dine place. whOops, its Hot Mama now..

muaah! HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY girlfriend!

Disposed Vegetables With Hidden Maggots

My New Addict, Lil'Bro *haha*

There we went SHOPPING!!! Visited Janice at Italianese, gave out Shell pay, and pooft! home. Got a bit indecisive of which colour to pick in the boutique.. hmm.. that's why I always shop alone.

Finally made my mind. sweetness.
We somehow ended up in Laundy Bar later at night after bumming at Ebe's with Donn, Eugene and Janice. Elissa who planned the night bailed on us along with Miss Fong who chose her boyfriend over us. ishh. SQ joined us there where we bumped into Nick F and Jason, Steffie's friend. Quite hot though.. single and available you girls.. *winks*

That's it for today. adios.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

D'Lish, Bangsar Village I

I'm so TIRED! gosh. After a long day of settling the Tiesto tickets, trying hard to study next to a bunch of noisy uncles (Donn came to accompany me though), then went for dinner with SQ. *yawns* :)

OMG... What's wrong with this dude??! Girlfriend only wad.. tsk tsk.. what if she come down saying

"baby, look! my new boyfriend! we're getting married next month! bye bye!"

OUCH. A pinch in the heart. hahah.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Miss Dolly Blogging

Edmund-MangKUK: wAzzZZZup!!??

Damn. My internet broke down. Currently blogging from TCPJ's library, using a super laggy pc. Because of that I ended up being a pig in bed the whole of yesterday's afternoon after a half-an-hour revision class in college. Donn picked me up at 7 for dinner in Hartamas. Had a yummy bowl of Unagi Don, my favourite. It was pouring quite heavily last night and we couldn't actually go anywhere. However we ended up in Genting later that night. It was sweet fun. I remembered the last time I went up a few days before CNY, I came home sick for a month! Never gonna forget that.

On Monday was Janise's birthday. My favourite makeup artist of all time turned 22. A whole bunch of us gathered for a dinner at Chillies, OU. There were about 20 of us conquering the whole place giving the manager a terrible headache arranging seats for us. My night ended at Bamboo 9 with Donn, while the rest at Ted's. Checkout Grace Wong's blog for more updates on the event. Tag: Janise, Ben, Grace, Wei San, Cindy, Mini, Azreen, Anis, Kenny, Leyvin, Siang, Ee May, Kent, Ted, Carol.

Shell Advance pictures are out! woohooo. Can't wait to get hold of it. At the meantime, you may check out some of it at Rachel Chong's blog. I've got some ugly pictures there.. boo..

Sunday, April 20, 2008

No False Hopes, Please

Again, I woke up in the noon which I planned not to because of Steffie. Followed her to DailyLifestyle Studio's opening at Hartamas and met Jess there. I didn't know Khai, the guy whom I sent my profile to, is her boyfriend. What a small world. Then I went for this casting in Cheras where I met Zalfi, Emma and a couple more. It was my first casting, pretty nervous, and I really sucked at dialogues. Thank goodness the guys were nice enough to help me overcome my silliness. It was good fun though. After that I went over to AC to chill for a couple of hours with some friends, witnessed some fights, had yummy Teriyaki Fish (I love Jap foods by the way) and finally bought my SKL's.

My forever M.I.A friend, Nick M

For three nights in a row, again, you know lar.. the usual Thursday, Friday, Saturday night activities. Bar Celona on Thursday with Janice, Wei San, Kenny, Leyvin, James where I bumped into Wei Juan, David, Nicole, JingX and Boon Jin. I was tipsy.

Poppy Garden on Friday with Joe, Joshua, Don, Steffie, Danne, Jason, Clayton and the rest of the ego-bruised bunch. I was damn bloody tipsy that I let it all out at Pelita, Bangsar. omg. Thank God Don fetched me back.

As on Saturday, we decided to check out No Black Tie. A pretty cool place, awesome Jazz music, nice atmosphere.. not bad at all. Our initial plan of going to Mansion was changed to Cynna where we opened a bottle there. We as in Joe, Joshua, Don, and SQ. Ebelin, Sie Yuen, and Eugene joined us later. Jonz, Jason and Dixon's bunch were at Loft and Steffie all at Bar Club. You know.. my friends are all over the places so I practically split myself into three. and hell.. I was still SOBER at the end of the night!. no fun. but dancing was fun. Now, here comes the picture time..

beloved yEng. don't mess with her, not even her beers. xoxo.

SQ rarely takes picture. omg.

12am has passed. Happy Birthday Janise Chan!!

bOOyaH! Tag me baby! Love me but don't Hate me.

he gave up. so did i. get over it.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Party & Sleepover

It was random, it was late. Was supposed to go to Heritage Wine Room but ended up in Sunway. Packed with lalas as usual but met David, Nicole, Jing Xiu, Boon Jin and all there. The party people: Wei San, Janice, Aipeng, Leyvin, Kenny, Ben, and last but not least, myself. Nothing much to elaborate on, the usual things you know.
Bar Celona

The Sleepover

Tuesday night, we girlfriends had a sleepover at Ebelin's. Thinking of pillow fights and sexy lingeries? hmm.. NAH. Alan Tan ffk-ed us at Murni's that night. Aipeng was rushing her assignment, me was havin a lil chat with Eugene, Janice was enjoying her mask, Ebelin was on her phone..