Sunday, December 20, 2009

People's Christmas Party

Chef & Brew.
Julie emceed.
People'n Rich and its sister companies: People Experience, Ambience Media, Display Asia and etc..
Yummy Salmon salad, quiche, Japanese fried rice... yums yums more.
Wine, Whisky, Rum, Bacardi... Forgot....
Jon picked up a drunkard at 10.30pm.

Merry Christmas!

Jolly Good!

......... SANTA CLAUS!

It's Christmas all over again. The jolly season that I most look forward to every December.
It's been almost a year since the last one, and it's been very much different this year.
Completed Diploma and found a job, found myself a terrific fat boyfriend, lost some but made more friends, bought more gorgeous shoes... it's been so good that I can't stop thanking God for all the blessings that was and still is given to me, it never ends.

Many people asked me of the reason I discontinued my studies. I can't do it right now. I'm not in the right mindset and mood to continue. I am brain dead. I chose to take my first step.

Events was never at the top of my to-do list, it just came about with the flow. Three days after finals, Jess gave me a call and we met up. The following day, I was asked to start, at People Experience (a subsidiary of People'n Rich). Good fun indeed. It's like a big family at People's where everyone greets with smiles every morning, works like a bull (not cow cause bull's got style :6) yet parties like a Hollywood Star.
I give it a year, at least, to test my strength.

My boyfriend, he's been awesome.. like really AWESOME.
He came to me with a lovely family and a great bunch of good friends I wish I had.
Always been a hardworking employee, a good friend, a responsible son, a loving brother to two, and a passionate lover. It's been rocky, I don't deny. But we'll make it through. I believe we will.

You know what I suggest?
Never stop counting your blessings..
Never stop loving the one who sacrificed for you..
Never stop respecting ones who respect you..
Never give up on hope and faith..
Never betray even if been betrayed on..
Never think revenge for it makes you just as bad..
Love more. Afterall, condoms are cheaper than guns. Make love, not war.

Monday, November 30, 2009

First Job's Sacrifice


Been busy.

Just started my new job two weeks back with just three days off after finals. Hectic.
Currently attached with People Experience doing *events+sales+marketing+PR..* Dunno man, its jumbled up.

Hows life, fellow readers.. I can see dust collecting on my blog.

To those attending Zoukout Singapore this year, I ENVY. Scrooge is not letting me take off to party, but he fattens me up with beer at his friend's new place in Bangsar, El Meson, instead. How la liddat...

To sustain my job, to get a pay rise, I am needed to sacrifice..... ZOUKOUT! maybe Christmas and New Year too! Grrr...

I've got so much to tell and show.. but I have yet to edit the pictures from Sara & Joanne's Birthday, Bukit Cahaya, Bah Kut Teh nights and soooo mucccccch MORE! Pening dy.
And I shall stop here in case Scrooge walks in.

Check for updates on FB. Or better, lets go for lunch, dinner or beer.

Love Love hot stuffs..
Missed youss

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Divorce Caused by Smelly Sex Life

I was just doing my usual Facebook browsing earlier when I read this comment posted by a mutual friend of mine.

Lillian Samantha Heng says: "You do NOT wanna miss this article on THE STAR newspaper, Nation section, page 3, article titled "Blame it on boring sex" for a effing GOOD laugh.."

Newly-weds in Terengganu put full blame on their stinky sex life in the cause of their divorce. In support of that, the ministry even urged cosmetic firms to introduce exotic and sensuous fragrances that can arouse sexual desire.

Go read up on..

Malaysia Boleh!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Its the 31st October again!
What day does it scream?



I've been thinking for the past few weeks, What should I be this Halloween? Man...
Worst of all, WHERE TO GO?
hah. Fret not. I kinda have this to top my 'where-to-go' list.
Which happen to be my favourite club!




RM28 Ladies / RM38 Men (inc 1 drink)

RM58 Ladies / RM68 Men (inc 1 drink)

PREMIUM members: Complimentary entry

RM439nett / 4 pax

Where to get the costumes now?
Hah. Click on this 'website', and walla! A couple of shops recommended! ;)
How convenient.

It's the event that you dress to scare or charm!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Like Those Luxury High Rises You See?


More and more luxury properties are developing all over Malaysia. There are the Marc Residence, One KL, Kiaraville, Hampshire, Bangsar Peak, Suria Stonor, One Menerung and so many more that this country will soon turn into Singapore.

Just, how many can afford these houses? It sure is pleasant to even just look at it though. I am often told that property is the best investment to grow $$. Hah. Use $$ to grow more $$$$. That was what my Econs lecturer, Mr.Philip says... ;)

I was actually looking to move out to my own place. Using the search engine, I googled.
Found a couple of websites with pretty photographs and property prices.. you know, the usuals. Then again, I was going to rent, not buy. heh. What I intended to talk about is this site that I came across.


Propwall is a Malaysian luxury property resources website. Some of the things I really liked about the site was the ease of use in getting the information that I need, yes, real informative. Unlike many other websites with pixelated or no-pictures, Propwall has many high quality pictures of every property featured on their site. That gives people a clearer picture of the possible investment that they are looking at without having to travel about. It has property ratings, agent numbers, Q&A, and.. why don't you go look through it yourself. It is really user friendly. I even 'borrowed' some of their pictures to show you too.

Brought to you by Taylor's Hotel Management Students


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dear yr2007 Classmates


Created by: Sophia Helena
Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Briefing for Diploma Final Year students.
The briefing is compulsory for all final year students.

Date : 21 October 2009 (this coming Wednesday)

Venue : LT1

Time : 12.00pm sharp

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another Propassion Project

Digi Birthday Bash

Digi Birthday Bash

Hennessy Artistry: Quattro

Hennessy Quattro Crowd

I remember arriving at Bukit Kiara some time ago. Not known it was going to be a 'grand' party (so-called), I was under-dressed, and I had to change in the car. Clement got me a vip pass, Dixon, Jonz and I downed shots with strangers and mybitche got pissed drunk by the end of the night because of his boss. Well, I should have been there. sorry baby..

What I miss most about the night is still the part where I accidentally let mybitche fall into the drain. *laughs*

After that one was another at Quattro couple of weeks back. Honestly, it was disappointing. The drinks were absofuckinlutely diluted and the crowd was too much for a small venue like that. I ended up leaving early with the people I went with.

Oh, have I mentioned that I absofuckinlutely LOVE them? ;)

However, our night did not just end there. Come on, we were dressed nicely, expected to at least have some fun that night, think we would just go home? We headed off to Bar Celona (they have pretty decent non-strip adult crowd on Fridays). Oh, Daniel is like a regular there, I've always wondered why. Jess gave us a good bar dance entertainment, oh, she's really good.


Hennessy Hennessy baby!
I should just join Riche Monde for a year and die of alcohol poisoning. Grr..
*cough cough*

Paul Van Dyke/Saif's birthday tomorrow, Rishi's Deepavali open house on Saturday and cycling on Sunday. Me happy!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Do Quotes

I hate waking up with an alcohol breath. It makes me sick.

I missed a class this morning out of confusion. and yes. no lie.
I was told that there was a second class at ten, different group. And so, I woke up at nine, just to read a message of frustration. Fine, nevermind.

Here I am, in the living room, watchin TV.
I don't know why, but almost everytime I press on the button, I see the same movie screening. Now, confession. 'Early Edition' never fails to make me tear by the end of every episode.
I'm sure there are many out there who feels the same. Just, maybe different shows. You know...

Let me try narrating my story with quotes I believe you could all relate to.

"The day you betrayed my trust was the day that I lost all my trust for you. I believed that you would take care of my heart and that's why I left it with you. Well, I am taking it back because at this very moment I can't trust you with my heart in fear that you will hurt me once more."

That is so darn true, right?

Trust can take years to build, but only a second to break.

Now, even I got the support of the Chinese God.

“An insincere friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind.”

I went to tell you the future looked bright, but all of a sudden we got into a fight.
Though it didn't make much sense, but I could however relate.

Then, I concluded it all with this

"A friendship that can end never really began."

Shapalapadingdong! I had a great time last night.
- Successfully got Steffie dancing
- Tag Steffie, Jess, Matthew, Kevin, Joel, Jim, Rish, Michelle Lim, Michelle Yip, Brian, Nick (his birthday), David dan-banyak-banyak-lagi
- Well entertained by Jess, the random dancer who randomly joined the 4Plays on the podium and got a bottle of Hennessy from Zouk
- .......... enuf elaboration.

See you at Hennessy Artistry tonight!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's Cloudy Back Here

M feelin emo.
Envious to see photographs of friends studying abroad with a big broad smile on their faces.

M really happy for them.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Justin-Mustin Turned Nineteen!

In 1990, a boy named Justin by the surname of Ooi was born into the music-talented family.
Growing up as a rascal has given mummy Pauline a very hard time. He would drink up half the glass of beer he sees lying unattended on the table, often make his baby sis cry, worst of all, ......


However, the good o'Lord performed a miracle on him by changing him forever. He now commits to church as a cell leader, performer and as a member, a total different individual. He lives by the rule of God, plays his role as a good loving son and of all.......

still drinks milk out of the baby bottle with pacifier! aww.....

Baby Jon with his babysis, Michelle.

Michelle, her mom and a bunch of their closest friends from church threw a surprise party for him at their nanny's apartment in Damansara. The names I remember: Daniel, Temple, Marcus, Ian, ........ I'm one forgetful old woman.

After the birthday party was the adult's party at Rishi's Bangsar place.
I'll soon update on that.
I prepared cocktail sausages, it was a very last minute thing. There were a bunch of great people I met that night.....and a snake. Yes, a SNAKE, reptile, bulu-roma naik, venomous creature........ be continued.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

El Habanero

Last Wednesday evening, I got a call from David to go down to KL for a drink. Well, he and Joe were being the typical alcoholic that night.

In his new Baby C, he suddenly took out a pink Winnie The Pooh sanitizer.
Now see, I am not the only one who uses it. Even a tough fella like him uses it too!

He's one friend that I am very proud of, I'd say it aloud.

Oh, being the sweet ole' friend, he bought us a bottle of Glenmorangie that night. aww...

We call him Chicken. Never got to know his real name
...or Wan I think?

Oh, I encountered a crazy woman yelling at us that night. How interesting..

Cheers ya'll.

Friday, September 25, 2009

In Love With The Man in White

August, 3rd Month anniversary

September, 4th month.. and still counting..
The night before was Nadine's Surprise party at Luna. Saif planned it, we.. kinda ruined it

Jon Saif Nadine Suzanna Stephanie

*jumps onto you* *bites nose* *jumps off* *runs*

Love Always

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Manipulation Is Devil's Work

That was such a p****'s work.

I got a warning text a couple of days back from an unknown number of 019-6686880.
The anonymous refused to reveal its identity. So tell me, what's the use of that warning, again?


Then came a comment on my Raya post.
Aduhai... Anonymous and more anonymous..

What have I done wrong? Did I kill your dog, snatch your boyfriend, rape your brother, burn your car or steal your under garments (like how mine just got stolen again!) ???!

ANYWAYS... I'm gonna pass on Guinness tonight. Gotta take care of the sick baby which I so damn well did. To those going, have fun.

Now lets see... Sushi for lunch, Mediterranean and rojak for dinner.....
Up for bak kut teh or steamboat tomorrow?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Raya!

Aduhh! Terjatuh keras kali ni.....

Selamat Hari Raya!
Save some lemang and rendang for me!

Budak Melayu kat London, cepat-cepat pulang! Dah rindu ni...

"You're the reason for global warning, but I'm the cure,
cuz I'm too cool for you.."

- kata Budak Melayu bernama Faiz, abang ipar kesayanganku!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Missing Pictures

Janice's Farewell, continued. That woman went missing upon touch-down at Switz!
Someone over there please hunt her down and put her on the phone please, thank you.

Leyvin Turned 20! Three fuckin dramas in a night, two venues, none wasted.
Long Bar, Sanctuary.

me love polaroids!

Last but not least,
Johnnie Walker: Join The Pact, Never Drink and Drive!
That's Elvi Kon with me on one of our Penguin Nights.
Too bad I missed out the last event. :(

Btw.. Notice Board time.

A) Fashion Baby!
Hey peeps! Julia is showcasing her collection of clothes together with Rebellz and a few other designers this Saturday at Mist. We need your support for the young and local designers. Tickets priced at RM20 and it goes to charity!

Contact Ken Joe at 017.3731307

B) Second-hand DSLR for sale.
1. D40x body selling for RM1200, inclusive of two memory cards, two batteries and a charger.
2. D200 with battery grip and two batteries, along with a charger and a memory car. Selling for RM3000.
All in excellent condition.

Contact Alvin at 017-2455696

C) HAPPY BIRTHDAY SURESH! Feeling Older today?
See you guys on Saturday!

D) It's Azre's Buka Raya this Sunday! Rendang, here I come! Wait, did I read 'alco' in the message?

Back to Graphs and May 1969....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wipe That!

You know, I notice one bad habit that most guys posses.

They Can't Aim Their PEE Properly!

The aftermath: STAINED TOILETS

You can tell what a guy is like by looking at their toilet. Of course I meant those who lives by himself lah, or at least one who lives with his family but does his own toilet.

Actually, that wasn't the main idea of this post. But, I don't know how I got to that. Sorry guys, but its the truth.

Perhaps its because of the dirty stained toilet seat in the ladies I just got out from a minute ago. Women, please don't be so disgusting. Clean or at least WIPE after use, wrap up your business nicely and flush down completely.

Oh and by the way, i'm in a fancy restaurant/bar okay? I did not just use a public toilet where hygeine and cleanliness are no big deals. With all the many different viruses spreading around, all people can worry about is being in the public surrounded by people or travelling abroad. Why not look into your own home first, or your own restaurant. Lets start with the toilet okay?

Maybe you could help stop the spread of a new toilet disease, well, you never know!

Sorry lah. Im slacking at VetroBar. Supposedly studying for midterm papers this week. I just needed a break of ten minutes to check Facebook, five minutes blog-hopping and another few minutes to update my blog while waiting for mybitche to come over so that he could nag and push me to study. That was excuses. I am just lazy.

I will update my events on Penang trip, Leyvin's birthday, Nadine's birthday and Casa Potluck once I'm done hitting my head with my econs book in hope that the graphs will fall out of the book into my head. SET! Vokay-Bye!