Monday, May 18, 2009

- Jon - ™

Short and Sweet..
.. Lame and Vain
He's my bitche..
.. Jon Ooi is the name

- Jon - ™ says:

im puffy-ly chubby
and im hungry..
im not even sleepy
should i eat some spagetti ?
oh... and i love my baby
damn! my rhymes are sucky...

dont u think, honey ?

"Bitches in Love"

Velvet-Phuture: The Rosy Night

It was on the Friday, the following day of the Barsonic Night with Stoned Munkeys. A chilling with his friends night turned into another party night at Zouk. David J gave me invites the night

before that to the
Velvet Underground's Mambo Jambo Back-To-School.
It was boring in the beginning as the crowd flow came in kinda late that night. I see people all pimped up in highschool cutie skirts and sexy ties.

We kinda downed the bottle of Johnny towards the end then ran off to Phuture. It sure was a satisfying dance down on the dancefloor, I had hundreds of calories burnt. However, someone lost my specs. *GrRrr*. Luckily my fedora survived!

Don't worry. I still love my bitch.

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I hereby present you, my Rosy Bitch!

Joshua K

Kap . Joshua . Rachel

My Bitch . Mr.Hot Bachelor: David J

He smiles, I smile. yeaa.. corny... say it!

I was just chilling at USJ 6 on Saturday night and had dinner at Darus' to catch the MU 'big match' with him, then Ducatti Daryll called my bitch for a Somo session aka 'a drink'.

Coincidentally, I bumped into
Amirul who was with a bunch of his colleagues there. Hi, Amirul. Then as Daryll was sipping on his Corona, him on his Killkenny, and I on my glass of White, Daryll Baptist called. It was his farewell party that night - leaving Nasty Inc. Someone was so tempted to go, and so, we went. It was my third night of Z's by the way...

There goes my weekend. Completed with a whole-day-doing-nothing on the set with Beejay then my cousin's wedding dinner at Puchong.

YOU people, stay on for more updates lah.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Passion vs Barsonic

The last I stepped into Passion and Poppy, I lost my HTC Touch 3G
However, last Saturday, I decided to go there.

Ebelin and Eugene are the siblings taking their first steps into the fashion industry,
currently studying at Raffles KL. (I love them both)

They spoke of this fashion designer, Gareth Pugh who'll be at Zouk that night so I was asked to join them and their friends. Alright, why would I mind, right? And so, we went, for awhile. Cheryl, Michelle, Nick and Andrea were there as well. David J the hot bachelor was being a real sweetheart by bringing us in. Thanks.

As expected, I saw no Gareth anywhere. Turned out that he was spinning that night.
Since we weren't planning to settle there anyway, we left to our next destination to join the rest.

Shing, Michelle Yip, Wei San, Michelle Lim, and their friends were there too. It was this guy named Derrick's birthday. And so, after a few glasses with Shing getting teased about my bitch, I went back upstairs to join my other friends - the Ego-Bruised Bunch. (its an inside joke)

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Famous Loy

Eugene T

smileeeeeeee........... *candid* oh nooo.....


DG: ehhh.. you're very tall laa..
Shahmi: ohh kay kay.. I'll bend..


DG: okay-okay.. now, a 'decent' shot..

Ebelin theCiliPadi

Gwen & Ebelin

Joshua L


On tuesday, I got a few passes off Advertlets to attend the screening of Angels & Demons. As expected, I did not win the sweet lil Sony. hahahh.. I brought my bitch - Jon, Charis and Aloysius, Jonz and Praveen to the screening. For the first time ever, there was security check at the entrance. It never happened to me before.

Why do I keep encountering these people lately?
The cops are everywhere! Road blocks, raid, and I even dreamt of a raid last night!

Okay, back to where I was, we handed in our cellphones and camera at the check-in counter. To my surprise,
Kenny Tan, Eu Vern, Kenny H and all were handling it there and I've to say, they did a very good job. *thumbs up* the traffic was fast and I guess nothing got stolen. *claps* Back to the movie, it was terrific! It is out in the cinema now and you guys should really watch it. Jon said it's better than Da Vinci Code. More action to this one, so the boys would like it.

Oh, announcement time. Derrick is back from Singapore. you know... the cute skinny guy who thinks he's oh-so-hot who went to the prostitution area in Bangkok and got scared by them.. yeah.. THAT ONE.

We went for lunch at Fish & Co, OU, yesterday and my bitch joined us. oh well, his office is just walking distance away..

My yummy pan of Dory..

After three days of bumming at home, I finally went to the gym. One thing that I really hate bout my current gym is the insufficient equipments and 'the people'.

OMG.. I tell you.. they are simply as vain and paranoid as hell. Dah laa I had to wait for them to be done with the machines, as I stood there waiting at the side or maybe while waiting I would use other things first, they would obviously notice what I was doing, wouldn't they? BBBBBUT! some of the bastards would think that you're checking them out hence the they'd put more effort to their workout, OR......... just pause till you leave them alone. %$@!!!.......

And then, I notice the change of crowd in the gym lately, least of the passionate gym goers, more of the lalas and people who just think that they'd be cool to be seen at the gym. Seriously, I think it's annoying the crap outta me.

Melissa C & Shameen, we really need to go to True Fitness, ASAP!

He called for dinner when I was working out under depression. Looking at the time and situation that I needed a break from so badly, I did not complete my workout.

Thai Thai

Say YES to Tom Yum! -its my all-time favourite!
There's this place in Taman Petaling that serves refillable tom yum. Priced very reasonably and a whole lot of varieties to choose from. That would be a better pick for me to have Thai.

I didn't have much for dinner last night. He was tired already then, so I kicked him home right after then I went to meet Steffie, Clayton, Fooz and Joshua at Murni's. Damn. Roti Tuna Bacon was irresistably delicious! The boys tried it and fell in love with it. *evil grins*

I successfully turned down Zouk request by Shameen and the Stoned Munkeys, until Rishi called then I gave in to temptation. Quickly drove home to get changed then rushed down to Bar Sonic. The sweet old bouncer recognized me and let me in when he saw me. You see, I am not a VIP there. Just maybeeeee a regular, only upon invitation ;p


Nick Prada Alvin Joanne Sara

Mr. Hot Bachelor, David J

Shameen & Jasmine

David: ehh.. why your guestlist always so young one??
DG: *laughs* only two this time whad :)
David: ehh.. that girl whats the name.. oh Jasmine.. is your friend rite?
DG: yes yes.. I know.... =_=

Thanks man..

Jill & her guy

Michelle Yip

...and her guy

Rishi forgotwho Shan

For the first time in the history, I think, Velvet Underground is presenting the School of Mambo Jambo tonight! It's a themed party so come dress up in white shirts, pleated skirts and school ties as you shake it to the cool grooves..

Call 03-2171 2075 or 016 3323 191

Monday, May 11, 2009

F1 Marlboro @ Bar Club

F1 Marlboro event..
some other normal nights..


Point-Point-Point..... Point what point?

I wanna point too.. ;)
Thats James Edward

Famous Loy refers this as the 'Miang Shot of PV'

Gary looked cute.. i meant.. ahhh... refer to the dictionary :)))

......the beloved Darynne's Bitch
love him to bits!

again I'm letting the pictures do the talking
I am really clueless on what to blog bout clubbing nights anymore..
boozes.. dances.. lovely people.. different venues.. more hotties..