Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Zoo Mission

It happened over the 1-week holiday last week, I believe it was a Wednesday..
Honestly, I've lost track of my days since my alcoholism started. I even think I murdered something last night. I remember.. it's...... an ant. BULLS!

So back to my story, on that very particular day, I read off Facebook about 3-4 group of my friends who also visited the zoo, all different timing! FREAK.

Wait, back to my real story. The six of us - Clayton, Steffie, Penny, Mark, Geoff and yours truly, me, drove down the hundreds and hundreds of miles to Zoo Negara after an unsatisfying Dim Sum breakfast at 'Yuen Garden' or something.. (It's in SS2, same row as Sri Siam, at the corner)

The trip was a disappointing one. I guess the cheap thrills we enjoyed when we were toddlers simply aren't meant to thrill us anymore. Take my advice, just leave it as that. I rather comfortably be couch potato switching onto Astro Discovery Channel at home to watch the animals eating off one another with more wild actions. I could easily google 'zoo animals' to see how hippopotamus and leopard looks like, really, bet you it'll be more fascinating.

Also, the large crowd didn't help. There were more migrants than animals! I dislike crowd like that, just like I never enjoyed concerts unless if I'm given the VIP area.. I need not build interpersonal relationship by rubbing sweaty, sticky, sweaty hands with them nor to lookout for pick-pockets.

Enough. Goodbye zoo. I never liked you anyway..

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