Monday, May 18, 2009

Velvet-Phuture: The Rosy Night

It was on the Friday, the following day of the Barsonic Night with Stoned Munkeys. A chilling with his friends night turned into another party night at Zouk. David J gave me invites the night

before that to the
Velvet Underground's Mambo Jambo Back-To-School.
It was boring in the beginning as the crowd flow came in kinda late that night. I see people all pimped up in highschool cutie skirts and sexy ties.

We kinda downed the bottle of Johnny towards the end then ran off to Phuture. It sure was a satisfying dance down on the dancefloor, I had hundreds of calories burnt. However, someone lost my specs. *GrRrr*. Luckily my fedora survived!

Don't worry. I still love my bitch.

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I hereby present you, my Rosy Bitch!

Joshua K

Kap . Joshua . Rachel

My Bitch . Mr.Hot Bachelor: David J

He smiles, I smile. yeaa.. corny... say it!

I was just chilling at USJ 6 on Saturday night and had dinner at Darus' to catch the MU 'big match' with him, then Ducatti Daryll called my bitch for a Somo session aka 'a drink'.

Coincidentally, I bumped into
Amirul who was with a bunch of his colleagues there. Hi, Amirul. Then as Daryll was sipping on his Corona, him on his Killkenny, and I on my glass of White, Daryll Baptist called. It was his farewell party that night - leaving Nasty Inc. Someone was so tempted to go, and so, we went. It was my third night of Z's by the way...

There goes my weekend. Completed with a whole-day-doing-nothing on the set with Beejay then my cousin's wedding dinner at Puchong.

YOU people, stay on for more updates lah.


DB said...

That someone at the end was u.. mind u.......... ok fine, and me...

Darynne G said...

huh? I don't get you..
who're you anyway? Daryl Baptist or Darynne's Bitch.. :)