Monday, November 30, 2009

First Job's Sacrifice


Been busy.

Just started my new job two weeks back with just three days off after finals. Hectic.
Currently attached with People Experience doing *events+sales+marketing+PR..* Dunno man, its jumbled up.

Hows life, fellow readers.. I can see dust collecting on my blog.

To those attending Zoukout Singapore this year, I ENVY. Scrooge is not letting me take off to party, but he fattens me up with beer at his friend's new place in Bangsar, El Meson, instead. How la liddat...

To sustain my job, to get a pay rise, I am needed to sacrifice..... ZOUKOUT! maybe Christmas and New Year too! Grrr...

I've got so much to tell and show.. but I have yet to edit the pictures from Sara & Joanne's Birthday, Bukit Cahaya, Bah Kut Teh nights and soooo mucccccch MORE! Pening dy.
And I shall stop here in case Scrooge walks in.

Check for updates on FB. Or better, lets go for lunch, dinner or beer.

Love Love hot stuffs..
Missed youss

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