Tuesday, July 6, 2010

KB a polluted piece of SHIT LAND

Call me fussy, call me troublesome.
I admit them all.

I cannot put up with stained toilets, definitely not with horrible body odour. I dislike sharing toilets with guys, absolutely not during the time of the month. I absofuckinlutely need my privacy. Respect that.
Guess what? I gotta bare with all of it right here, right now. I am moving out of this apartment first thing in the morning tomorrow. Be it own expenses, I'll PAY the extras, GODDAMMIT! I can still afford them.
I will wake up with a stiff neck because of the hard pillow and even a cold because of the thin blanket. Seriously, this' what I call DUMB.

Yeah, it is for work's sake. A sacrifice I must make, give it A NIGHT. That's it. This is unnecessary trouble and sorry, I can't share the reason why.


Fuckin SHOOT ME!

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