Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's Sunday all over again.
I tend to blog on Sundays, I feel. Guess I'll make it the blog day.

It's been a busy week and it is worse to come.
Celebrated Wei San's 22nd birthday on Saturday with the Stoned Munkeys. Wallace, Sue and Ee Han coincidentally headed to Zouk as well. Rumours came and we left to Werner's after finishing the last bottle. It was a fun night.

Friday was Ai Peng's Day, my 10-years buddy celebrated her 21st birthday then. Month was extra chaotic that day and it was freaggin Cheeena if ya get whad I mean. I guess she's officially my only friend that I've known the longest.

Last night was Sky Bar. Kim threw Daryl a surprise there and had us over. Great bonding time with no bimbos or stuck-ups.. Halelujah! Ended it with our all-time favourite Seng Kee siu yok mee. Yummms!

Sunday was supposed to be my sweat day at TTDI and bonding day with dad. However, I ended up at Teluk Gong having seafood for lunch. Scrumptious and affordable is how I would describe it. 8 dishes (crab, mantis prawn, butter prawn,fried bun, fried egg, vege, noodle, fish, fried squid) all came up to 116 only. Damn cheap! And that fed 7 of us.

Watched The Legendary Owl (or sumthin liddat) with boyfee, Joshua and Liang after and truthfully, I liked it. If you ever do watch it, do it 3D. Definitely way interesting. With Joshua, we almost never missed Seapark Maybank nasi lemak. So supper it was. We love the nasi lemak, otak-otak and maggi goreng there.

Sunday nights should best end with Light fm or some jazzy tunes. It always lit my day and whine less bout Monday blues. You should too.

Hugs, D.

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