Thursday, April 8, 2010

Beauty Talks

"It makes me happy to feel beautiful." Bet you love saying that to yourself every morning, you vainpots! hehe.

It's generally understood that all women wants to leave the perfect first impression, especially to their eye candies, bosses, colleagues and what not.

Bad hair day? Pimple on your forehead? Wardrobe gone mad? Got an interview this weekend?
Propassion 2010 is here for the rescue. Visit as they share with you all the beauty tips, fashion tips and many more fun tips you could really use! Stop that weird stare from a stranger. Walk glamorously beautiful and confident into the club.

Check them out, love them and be a fan of on Facebook!

"Do you ladies know that, your eyebrows should be a little brighter than your hair colour? However if you are blonde or gray, the opposite is yours.."

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