Friday, April 16, 2010

Singapore Room For Rent

If you're a Singaporean looking for rooms to rent, Malaysian going to Singapore to stay or work, other foreigners who are considering Singapore as your second home or whatnot, continue reading.

When I was in Singapore exactly three years ago, I intended to reside there to do my studies. With the word of mouth and help of my relatives and friends, I searched all over for apartments to stay in as I had always liked the idea of living on my own.

I've searched hi and low all across Singapore and the average rent per room was SGD400 (non-sharing) and SGD500 for sharing. That was the only price I could afford as a student then, yet the cheapest found. The few main concerns that involves renting a room has always been:

1. Transportation convenience (Mean of transport: MRT, Bus, Cab)
2. Distance from the city (in Singapore, its important)
3. Room rental
4. Reliability of landlord and housemates
5. Facilities and MISC
6. Condition of the apartment/room

For that, I called several agents to bring me up to many different units, taking up a lot of my time and cab fares. Thank God for the few people who were kind and sweet enough to drive me around, cab fares did not cost THAT much. Well, there weren't much online sites for me to visit at that time that was reliable enough for me to use, hence the hassle. Here that I found a site that I believe could be useful to most of you (those I mentioned in the beginning) who is searching for ROOMS IN SINGAPORE , I shall be the kind soul to share it with you.

Hope it helps! Good Luck ya'll.

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