Monday, August 2, 2010

For the Alter Ego, It's THE YELLOW PARTY!

WOW! The last D'Ultimate Bash I've attended was last year at Bar Celona. It was good fun because my college mates were organizing it. Free flow as usual with performances by some local Chinese boy band.. errrr kays...

This time around, something refreshing, it's gonna be in PENANG. The FOOD PARADISE. Yeah baby. Where you find the best fried oyster, fried duck egg kuey tiaw, asam laksa, tao-yu bak (soy sauce pork), grilled seafood and so much more! OMG! Thinking of it alone got me salivating!

Really, what a good time to get away from this bustling busy city.. I've had enough for now. Some fresh air would be lovely. Maybe with the boyfee and some other friends. And oh yes! They are joining me there! yay! It's gonna be hell of a crazy night!

TOKL, PC.Com, M2 and Hot magazine is giving away 10 passes each that entitles you to two other accesses for your buddies! Whether you're in Penang or not, you can join us there!

You would wanna grab one of these soon!

......before it runs out which is happening very fast now!

Have you tried the the all new Starker beer? Non-pasteurized, german and pretty pricey.. but you'll get it FREE at QEII on 14th of August, 7pm-11pm!

Yeah... The media partners and generous sponsors..
Met Joo Nee and her crews? Seen them perform? Apparently she's G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S! The Nescafe Kickstart winner, she is..

Besides that, there will be goodies bags worth minimum of sixty bucks each, lucky draw and games prizes worth more than TEN-THOUSAND ringgit, free flow of food, games, hot chicks and all other 499 people to celebrate your birthday with YOU! Provided if you're born on July, August or Sept lar.. Even if you're not, what's there to lose? DUDEEE.. are you kiddin me??

Dress to THRILL babeh!

Again, it's brought to you by my new fling, DiGi
My telco provider since I was eleven. I call it my childhood lurrvee..

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