Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I could still remember how I used to love performing.. whether was it 'Gimrama' (Gymnastic), cheerleading, modern dancing and what not. Those were the primary and high school days lah. ANd... I think I sucked at it (for an introvert me)

You know like how some people (like me) getting sudden mojo to hit the club after watching dance movies like Honey, Shall We Dance or Step Up... I never could work that ass like how they did in the scenes. AMAZING aye? Then there will always be an element of romance, roles led by good looking and sexy woman and man... *psssssst OUCH!*

I've watched ALL the other STEP UP movies and I still find the first one the best of all. Of course, I haven't watched the latest Step Up 3D. The preview sure looked HAWT.. it just kept getting sexier and wilder.. ME LIKE! Omg... the casts.... charming wey.... *melts*

The premier screening is tomorrow. Again, brought to you by Advertlets


Darynne G said...

Thank you!

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