Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rock & Roll

(Movida Edition)

It's a trend. Fit in or fuck out. So cool.

all good until...

then I present to you our very own version, by our beloved Wallace Yeoh.

CHOONS AWARD, sounds awesome aye? No, not so chun afterall. Poorly organized with minimal branding of the main product, overshadowed by their sponsors. Free flow of Asahi and other drinks were good but they ran out really fast. The emcee was not interactive enough and..... lets just say I wouldn't bother going to the next one, that's all.

Random Night
(Sense Edition)

The Godly Evening
...when I first stepped into Luxy, the Hartamas GRO joint. I gotta admit that the Thai girls were hot in their sheer lingerie dress with bra and g-string underneath. Funny part was when one of the girls quietly followed M when he was leaving and got into his ride, refusing to leave for the next god-knows-how-long until he lied about returning the next day (which obviously he didn't).
Happy Birthday Godfrey! He's expecting his 3rd child this year. Congratulations!

More photos on Facebook. Cheerios.

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