Sunday, June 12, 2011

Under My Toes

Closing my office room door as I walk out to head home late at night after a long day of work. With an aching body I drive home to a place I call my own. Walking in, warmly greeted by my little fury love, I switch on the dim lights and aircond then place my keys on the bar then pour myself a glass of wine and play some jazzy tunes as I look out through the glass wall into the beautifully lighted city view. I'd like that someday.

I'm currently listening to Lisa Ono.

So I am leaving my current job in hope to be more challenged. Letter of resignation was tendered last week. I am thrilled, but nervous at once. Counting to the very day gives me excitement with zero expectation. Besides, having to say goodbye is the least of my liking. I don't even know how to start writing the e-mail that everyone sends on the last day of their job.. you know? That one.. I had a great time, wonderful time, blessed with beautifully inspiring people, good people. Now all the very best to the chapter I am about to close. What is there to expect now? I honestly don't know. I opt to live the moment, and I shall. Maybe I'll go pick up French then try dating a French guy. No, I don't mean the art of kissing you morons. We'll see, we'll see.

Now, have a good night dear readers.


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