Thursday, January 31, 2008

CNY Holiday, Started.

Dang! Bandwidth exceeded. Blogspot is damn lousy.. So kedekut.


Today's the last day of classes till we return from the Chinese New Year holiday. woohooo!
and yet, it's not the end of my busyness. I've got assignments and night jobs.
I have just proposed the Valentine Singles Night to Palacio and they seemed pretty fond of the idea too. yay!

Now who say Singles can't have fun?

A group named Valentine Singles is created on Facebook. So if you're single and available, hot and charming, rich and generous, smart and successful.....yadahyadah.. join us!.
hehe. We can exchange topics on anything, literally. Anything except dirty stuffs, if you know what I mean.. Be nice you all. Be civilized.


Party Party Party! CNY house visitings, going up hill, shopping spree..

oh oh.. speaking of which, Taylor's SOC lecturers have gone cuckoo. So much of creating a new identity of ourselves, by how? Red formal dress code on Mondays. say what?? yeah. read that right. RED..FORMAL... Communication students..
Actually, it sounds kinda fun. We, as usual, will break the rules and not do as they say. Instead, we alter it, and make it happening. konon-nyer.. So sayang-sayangs sekalian, I shall see you guys in RED on the first day of class after the holiday! Don't forget the Mid-term revisions yeah?

Should I take a nap now, I shall end here.

and to Hans if you're reading this, no fling-fling all. Proposal rejected! :p

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