Thursday, January 31, 2008

Don't Fret

Everything seems so fine, your whole self, your dream job, your ever so charming lover, your beautiful condo, your luxury cars, your happening social life and you feel like you are at the top of the world.

Isn't it wonderful?

Then one day, you just wake up to find yourself losing your job, your love, your assets.. practically everything. Chipped nails, messy hair, smeared make-up, crumpled shirt.. what is going on? Everything goes wrong and you can't seem to reverse it.

You then start tracing back your footsteps, one by one, and you still cannot find an answer to that. I call it, Bad Luck!

yea, tell me about that.

For the past few months, my life hasn't been so easy. As you all know what happened.
(refer to my previous posts) With healing cuts all over, bruises and in addition to that, depression. A whole pile of assignments to due, exams coming up, having to work 3 nights a week, shouldn't I be having an emotional breakdown right now? I think I have had it until some point where I got so immune to it, that I don't feel it anymore. You just, you know.. got used to it. Come on, just DEAL with it like you know what I mean? Some people have got it worse, so why are you complaining like a five year old baby?! We will all need to go through some stages of life when you have nobody to count on, nobody's hand who would or could borrow, and the only person who could help you is yourself. Shoot me if I'm wrong.

Obstacles, obstacles, obstacles. Today or tomorrow, you still got to live by it. You can't just skip a year and pretend like nothing is happening. Ignoring the fact that you still have a life to live, just go out there and buat bodoh, cry your eyeballs out every night before you sleep, whine and complain to everybody you see, isn't going to help you a bit. Trust me on that.

Who you are today will shape your tomorrow. Everything happens for a reason and at some point where you just need to actually Thank them for what ever shits they have done to you. I'm saying that because if it weren't for them, you will not be who you are today. It makes you emotionally stronger, a better person. You tend to become more alert and observant to your surroundings and you get to actually see a lot of beautiful things that you have not seen before. Especially in people who revolves around you. All you need is just some good times with a bunch of good friends with a good bottle of Whisky and good cigarettes.

As for relationships, Mr.Indie quotes
"If a relationship doesn't make you better or happier,
then there's something wrong.."

Don't bother sighing, just let it slip and wait for Mr.Right to come rescue you.

He doesn't just teach us Media History & Law, he also teaches us a lot of these things which I called 'The Life Lesson'. Corny aye? xoxo But he's right though. I am learning from him. I think he should get some bonuses from Taylor's college. -hahah-

This is Mr.Indie and his lovely baby girl

Joel with his new hair-do

Mine! I bought it just for the lighter.

Result from Friday's crash

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