Thursday, January 31, 2008

Stand By Me

Sound of raindrops falling on the roof could be heard, it's drizzling
Temperature in this room decreasing, I could hardly breathe
Looking out to the sky, oh-so-blue
Asking myself, why, I'm so ..

I'm not ready, I'm not ready
Fear, fear, fear
Don't ask me why, you should've known
I do care, I do
As a friend, I really do
We've had our moments, it was true
But I could never say that, I love you
Because I own an inseparable heart

Call me cold, call me selfish, call me what ever you want
Just need a friend by me, whenever I need one
To talk, to laugh with, to tickle, to lie on
To be who ever you want me to be, except the special one

A people person, I am. I ain't bias towards nobody unless if they steps on my tail, then I'll bite.
Not a girlfriend material, yeah I know.
Destined to lose feelings, as fast as the too-too-train.
Vince was right about what I was actually hanging on to.
Thats between me and him, so I shall shh..

Good comments on this one person, all my friends gave.
How this one managed to make them smile.
Asking me, why not? why not? why not?
My dears.. stop asking me why.

just........ smile.

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