Sunday, August 2, 2009

Good Fun with Andrenaline

17th-18th of July 2009
That Saturday when all malaysian Manchester United fans gone wild. Cheering from outside the stadium with red scarfs and MU jerseys while waiting to get in.

Why is football the only reason we unite?

I was at work with a great team of people, mostly people I already knew; Jeslyn Yeo, Kyle Keah, Aaron Leong, Hemaraj, Razif, Prabesh, Faiz, PV, Mar-Xha, Grace..... etc. MyBitche lent a hand on the second day.

The After Party by Andrenaline
Venue: La Bodega
Time: 5pm-9pm

There were four bottles of liquor, one barrel of beer, loads of good food, and free flow of any alco orders till 9. Ofcourse, it was more than enough and we stayed on.

Not forgetting it was Diana's Birthday the night before!

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