Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Music + Alco + Stiletto

Changkat Social > Envie_________________________
After work at one in the morning.
Dragged Dixon with me.
Met Janice, Ferlyn, Quratu, Chris, Jun Han, Jeanie, Carol, Rhea, Hemraj, Ted, Ben.
Double shots of Envie's Special.

Good Night.

Three nights back.
After work at one.
Join The Pact teams united.
With Fiona, Gio, Dixon, Aliana, MyBitche.
Met Eunice, Uncle Josh, David J.

Happily Sober People = "Never Drink and Drive"

Drove to Jinjang Cheras.
Bah Kut Teh.
Bamboo restaurant.
Opens only after midnight for two hours; 2am-4am.


... more pictures to come.

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