Tuesday, August 4, 2009

PC Fair 09', KL Convention Centre.
Two days of good buys for many consumers, I think it is a con-job to con cheapsked people.

You see, I went there on Friday with a short list:
-Western Digital 1TB hardisk to store all my junks (fair price RM379, store price RM379)
-Thumbdrives (....yadda yadda.. sama harga)
-Headset for my iPod (yadda yadda... sama harga jugak summore don't have the brand I wanted)
-Mouse (all ciplak China brands that I've never seen before)

I ended up buying none of the above but a new leather iPod pouch which cost me seventy bucks! What annoyed me most was they didn't wanna except credit cards for purchases below hundred. OMG. Who brings thousands of ringgits out if everythin they wanna buy from each booth is below hundred? I mean, how would they know, right? Silly.

People were already crowding outside the building waiting to get in half an hour before the fair started. It was madness I tell you.

Oh, I realised one thing bout the fair that majority of the crowd, especially the in house peops, were Chinese. I had to converse with some of them in Chinese in order to get more information of the products. *sepet-kan the eyes*

Day One: Jonz, Praveen, DG
Camera Man: Jonz
JakoonModels: Praveen & DG

I met Cai Jin there working for Scandisk.
Hui Jing was there too with Olympus and few other girls I've worked with before. Pretty pretty girls... Oh, Derek the most wanted Ruumate was there with Stuff magazine as well.

Day Two: Work
Got a job offer from a girl named Jacqueline the day before. I was distributing stickers for Twinhead. Its more like tagging people by shocking them. Four of us ended work after three hours of boredom because some problem came up. mHmm.. pay also kena deducted. Buta-buta...

Sara's Farewell Lunch
Delicious Bangsar Village II

Back for a month and now she's gone again. Back to Brisbane where she takes a ten minutes walk daily to her university and gets comfortable under the blankies in her uni hostel. Yvonne and Genevieve didn't make it that day or it would the the little class reunion again.

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