Saturday, June 26, 2010

Anakku Bus

The Suara Sinar Anakku Bus campaign has been running for five weeks now and PE has brought it down to Kota Bahru yesterday. If you are wondering what's in the white bus, it is actually a moving recording studio. The objective is to record voices of children aged 3 to 12, where a kid out of each age category walks away with RM5,000 by the end of the campaign. The result will be announced at our finale stage show in Klang Valley (venue to be confirmed). Meantime, you can find them at KB mall doing what they're best at; henna tattoo, face painting, i-Gallop challenge and voice recording.. all FREE OF CHARGE.

Best part is, Reshmonu will give the winning champion a single album of their own.. More details to be revealed soon.

I believe my crews enjoyed the campaign very much.. as much as the kids. Adrian sure did a great job back there. Now, we are down by five, ONE more to go.. back in the city, next weekend.

Let me present you the man behind the show...
Jess Ross.

On our last day in Penang, we were down by 19 applications. He challenged everyone to get 19 more applications within an hour with the ultimate reward: EVERYBODY get to paint his face.

So obviously, majority won and everyone damn tak bagi muka. Here's the consequences...

Spot the 'GAY' on his forehead? That's for making fun of Tatt Ho.

All brought to you by Anakku and Sinar FM.

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