Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bola Bola Bola!

BET you've heard much about this over the radio on channel 92.9. ~sings! "BOLA BOLA BOLA BOLA...~~~" . The first event just took place two weeks ago in Pavilion. Yeah, that was what kept me bustling busy for the past two months, and more after this.. KB and JB... we'll be there shortly.

Day One

Press Conference was held at La Bodega, Pavilion KL. Attended by VIP Henrik (DiGi's new CEO), VIP Albern (CMO) and a few others from AMP and charity homes, everyone was made a lot more stressful. Below is during Henrik's attempt to score the o-so-easy goal to kick start the gambit.

*Then JJ & Ean shows up in the billboard wearing gas masks as the juggle the invincible ball*

It was all done for a good cause.. Chosen for participation were the few favorite charity homes of JJ & Ean. God bless the world... ya ya na na... NEXT------>

We had a great Human Foosball match on day one, the first match that actually got the other crowd participating after... the 'AMP VS DiGi' .

I didn't manage to snap any picture as I didn't have my camera with me and I was having too much fun taking videos of everyone. It's just nice to see em big boys doing their thing, you know?

Day Two
It was slow at 9am... The rain started pouring... and ended right at 12 noon when Mark.A told us so.. Miraculous!

All eyes on the balls...........
There were the BIG ones......
and the SMALL ones.....................

By 4pm.......

By 6pm............

At 6.30pm, the BALLS were released ....

Oh my, the crowd went BALLISTIC!
THREE of my crews sprained their neck, FIVE broke their legs, TWO got punched in the face, and WORST OF ALL........

Only one of my crews got kicked by a kid in her leg and another got stepped on the feet lah.

We had over 500 balls in there and the cue went all the way to the water fountain area. It was madness at just the redemption counter alone. Despite the cue, we had it all well prepared and all 500 redemption were done within 20 minutes. GREAT JOB FELLOWS!

wah wah... got siao tar por in cue thinking I was taking picture of him. STUPPS!

Day Three

Games, games and more games. By then, all energy was drained. I lost my voice for the day and after so many times of entering the billboard where the two celeb DJs were, I could still forget to snap a pretty shot with them.


It was my first project ever. Without great pointers and guidance of the few sweethearts, I would have crashed long ago..... Oh Oh... I liked my room at Picollo though! Very pretty. I had it all to myself for four nights! Me like!

Oh, that's JJ & Ean's room......

Mine is the one below...... I didn't know Picollo was a boutique hotel. It was just the pretty looking part, room services were totally out of the picture! But for guys/foreigners, you could be in luck. My room was on the eleventh floor and my boss' room was on the twelve. When I was walking to his room to pick up my laptop, I overheard loud moans few doors away! OMFG. ewww!

I know. Poor quality pictures ya? Still saving up for a new one.
At meantime, I shall pao my company cam. shhhh!

.......Okay. Ciao..

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