Saturday, June 26, 2010

This Sunshine So Lovely

I remember back in 2008/2009, I was single for a pretty long period of time. I met this bunch of alcoholics (not those with thorn shirts and jobless, mind you) and we were just hanging out at SS2 every single day and we will hit clubs at least three times a week! It is wine on weekdays and Walker on weekends. And this guy below is my drinking mentor... and a very good friend.

Meet Amirul. The Ma-Chi (in short for Malay campur Cina) that speaks Cantonese better and eats pork more than I.

And this woman above, oh boy.. I've never met or witnessed anyone who puked more than her. Her name is Stefanie.I'm the living alibi of her insanity.

Absolutely love this woman although she gets really annoying when she's drunk and always whining about life. Recently graduated, this crazy little fresh grad is out to venture into Sales & Marketing field.

Here we have my fat boyfriend.. who recently fainted after having Tenji.
Don't ask me why, I still laugh about it. Still very patient with me after a year and a month.. pretty amazing aye?

What about me?

Still working my fat ass off to earn that little commission. It's more like satisfaction after completion of an event that was self-planned, self-handled and self-..... Whatever you call it. I rarely have time or the mood to party anymore. I think I lost the mojo :(

Anyways.. Lots of events have taken place in the past few months. The best way to keep track of what I did is to check my Facebook. It used to be my blog. LOLS.


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