Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beer Beer Cheer!

Oh boy, it's only been Tuesday and I'm already hoping it's Thursday. I sure missed the four days holiday. It was one hell of a crazy weekend.. FUN-FILLED.

I've soooo much to blog about but I just never got the time to. I've been long forgotten in the bloggers scene. Blehx. ...whyyyy.. Imma tear.

Pitches just kept coming and coming for the past few weeks. Closed a deal two weeks back for Energizer. All you hardcore paintball kakis will surely be excited when I say "It's the FIRST ever, in Malaysia,some say in Asia pacific, NIGHT paintball competition, Counter Strike edition". That much I could reveal now.. The launch will take place roughly two weeks from now to kick start the promotion and registration... Stay tuned for more. I'm gonna need some good lookin people, bloggers, friends and whoever not to help me out with this. ;)

In the past few months since my last proper update here has been busily occupied with events and occasions.. To track it backwards, the latest thing would be the Raya festival. Selamat Hari Raya fellow malaysians and my friends! It has been sinful as I couldn't help myself but to whack all those yummy rendang, lemang, nasi dagang, keropok and yumms yumms much more! Ahhh I'm a sucker for great food. Love to see people of different colours and flavours come together to share the same platter of food, drinks and air.. That's more like it Lah!

Last Saturday was Min Hui's 18th birthday, week before was Nadine's 24th and Aaron's 19th, I think? Happy Birthday lovely people! Rock it hard this year! I even attended a room party in KL that led me to Thai Club at the end of the night! Oh gawd... It was my first time there and the experience of being in a club that's well known to be a sleazy place sure isn't a comfortable experience.

..... Let's see.. Before that was DiGi D'Ultimate Birthday Bash at QE2 Penang and OKI's Pirate Party and PC on Lili Marleen.. There's not much I could say without having to show you the photographs. Oohh la la!! Lots of sexy people on board.

Besides that, I just had a few clubbing sessions and loads of Strongbow and Tiger everyday! Especially since the new Sid's Pub opened below my office at Damansara Plaza. Great drinks, great food, great companions! It has taken over the status of PE's second home from Escobar!

Mm mm.. It's probably half past twelve now and I've another more day till 1Malaysia day. I'm not patriotic, I'm just a people person.
Smile one for me hunny!

Loves, D.

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