Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sneak Peak of Phuket, Dine's 24th, G&G's Wedding..

Sneak Peak of
Dine's 24th Birthday
Geoff & Gaya's Wedding

Sneak Peak of Phuket (PnR Trip)
 November trip to Bali!
..still contemplating whether to stay in Legian or Kuta..
Help? Advice? Suggestion?


jessbabe said...

to party... Kuta.

Anyways, it's walking distance, 15 mins away.

I reckon Kuta.

Heavanessa said...

legian of course.. better stay. to party, anywhere is accessible thru cab.

Darynne G said...

Was thinkin of the same. Stay in Legian, party at Kuta. hmm... how how??

PCR said...

Legian can party too wei =) freakin alotta clubs there.. bTW i back to blogging! and i love your blog la babe...damn long no read

Darynne G said...

Thanks PCR! Keep reading! (i tried accessing your blog but I was blocked)