Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Blue Saturday Afternoon

Saturday afternoon has never been so blue in a long time.

What are you doing today?

Scrooge just announced the good news of sponsoring my trip to Bali for my birthday. Sweetest part was my boyfee's trip is sponsored too. What a generous boss. I actually thought I was getting another promotion though. Could really use a raise considering the fact that I'm aiming to change a new car next year. What to do? Sis is gettin her driving license then and dad's gonna need to buy her a ride. I should play my role as his baby girl to contribute right? I'm so in love with the new Ford Fiesta, sports version. Sexy dohh..

Hugo is gettin showered by dad now.. Sho naughty! Dad almost have to chase after him! Xoxo. That's my baby boy.. I absolutely love.

How I wish I could go back to Phuket.. The first and last I went was two months ago during my company trip-annual presentation. It was good fun. Chang beer all the way, night and day!

Speaking of work, I just got another offer recently. Brand managing? Yeah, sure sounds interesting.. Something I was looking into besides marketing and PR. Turned down an interview to join BAT last time, turned down another event job as well. I'm just so comfortable with where I am now-it's near my place, flexible job scope, surrounded with very nice people.. Although pay like crap and multitasking like there's no tomorrow..
How la dey.. Marry an ole rich man and remarry with his fortune after he dies lah.. Lolx. That's what Elissa used to say anyway..

Ohs, fret and whine no more. Shall play with Hugo for a bit now.

Loves, D

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