Monday, April 18, 2011

Night Race Turned Mean

Last Saturday was the Energizer Night Race that everyone's been shouting about and the reason many gyms got stink up with odors for many hours because of the hardcore runners training for the 42KM run. OOO Muscle-muscle OOO... err? I was so caught up with so many things that I actually lost track of the day until two days before when someone reminded me of the run. Shake bailed on me as it was pouring in the afternoon, but luckily, Jess and Jolene was running as well.

When the sun set, the night begun.

I dragged Jolene to run with me, WITHOUT CHEATING like the others (marshals shortage) leaving the folks behind to their talks and jog.. (run, they claimed. I really don't know). You see, There have been many hate mails, comments, complaints from the runners because of the poor organizing by the organizers and the brand itself. Everybody was outraged especially when the goodie bags and medals ran out (10,000 packs were not pre-packed), not even a cert was given after a VERY VERY long queue. The emcee was being really rude shouting at everybody and they pulled down the shutter and called the security when they could not control the crowd. By then, I was already long gone hunting for drinks (*evil grins*). Google and you'll find plenty of those nasty messages and even hate sites on Facebook!

To make life easier, just click on these links a friend shared with me lah.

But hey! Energizer Mike F wrote an apology letter and stated that they would refund all runners just awhile ago.. Oh spare them now.. unless if you're a lawyer seeking business, brand owners seeking leverage or individuals who have nothing else better to do in life.. No need to act like terrorists even when you're unsatisfied about an issue this small. They did not kill your cat, hello?

Jocey (the organizer) written an apology note on Facebook but video clips of her misbehaving and how the security/cops treated the runners that day really did not do her any justice. Energizer was also blamed for not taking responsibility of the incident. In short, it was DISASTROUS. I feel so sorry for them and I read some ridiculous comments from people that said they threw away their Energizer batteries.. all because of this?! A bit the unnecessary right? Why dirty mother nature? But if you ask if I would join again, I might. I actually had fun myself running my first marathon. So long a proper organizer is engaged of course (regardless whether my company win the pitch or not). Oh boooy, CRISIS is NASTY.



yoga said...

hey thanks for the link. Well at least Energizer now has taken over responsibility from Expose and will be handling the refund and postage of certs/medals.

I think I bumped into you and your friend 3-4 turns before the water station :)

Darynne G said...

yeah. Good for them. We had a good run that night and left right after the run. Nothing to complain.