Monday, April 11, 2011

What difference does it make if salary's out on time but claims aren't? It takes up 1/3 of your salary monthly then delays a couple of months to be paid out for every claims. Some times a few claims combined just to be released together MONTHSSS later. What fuck sense is that? So what? I'm supposed to stinge on my expenditure with piled up debts just because of their inefficiency in work? Again, what fuck sense is that? It is only that particular department that's making life so fucking difficult. Then people start bugging me for their cheques and ruining not just my own reputation but the company's as well, for fuck sake? This is an entertainment line, we constantly socialize and we don't fucking make 10K a month. Do the math. Manpower shortage? Recruit more then. Need mother to teach you ABC again?


Hey, I'm not doing investment or charity here you know. I'll do when I want to. Not to be forced like that without a return of investment. Even every business need to generate ROI. Even CSR campaigns have their benefits. One month of toleration is fine. But not months, just because of their incompetency. HEY! Aren't they the numbers specialist?

(Apologies for the vulgarity but hey, it's my space after all. Still, kindly excuse me)

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