Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Day My Bestfriend Tied The Knot

Tian Hao Kong Temple, Buddhism style. It was a small group of close friends and immediate family members with two hours of fooling about with photography, prayers, registration and whatnot. OH GOODNESS! I can't picture myself in her shoes!

Registration Room

Sorry yeah. But the above shot just looks so funny that I had to narrate out their thoughts.. Oh, she caught 'the flower' that day anyway. So, INVITATION lai lai lai!

Paying extra for international cert.
He was seriously, SERIOUSLY, grumpy. The woman at the registration counter was WORSE! As if she couldn't get married (CHOI! later I kena 'spinster' title). I'll put up the video soon.


Cheerios. Congratulations to my favourite couple.


Angeline Lee said...

Ai Peng is married? WOW. Reality check for us 22 year olds..

Darynne G said...

Yeah babe... reality check indeed