Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baby Lappy on Vacation in HP

Hey loves, baby lappy has left me with no access to the internet
Therefore, i have no way to do my publicity work for MassColimpics which will be held soon. Right now, i only have my baby MINI pC to keep me entertained, which also means that I can't do much of blogging as i have no idea of how on earth to upload pictures from the events I attended. Yes, nooooby me.

Everything should resume once HP fix my baby's motherboard which could take up to weeks!

Its good in s way cause now i could conxentrate on my revision for my midterms exam next week. Wish me a bundle of luck!

By theway, gutterpost has finally got a domain of their own. apparrently, Google shutted them down. Try

Keep them rolling baby! Cheers!


UncleJosh said...

awww... baby lappy... hahaha
why la make it sound so cute and lovable... how long before your laptop comes back?

Darynne G said...

heh.. I don't know. Probably about a week or two? :(

and I lost my phone last night!