Saturday, February 14, 2009

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Okeh, how did I spend my Valentine's Day..

Alvin picked me up and headed straight to Zouk then Danny, Wei San's friend, brought us in.
Hmm.. It was a little chilly in there but the crowd was just nice. Eugene, Roy, Wei San and Alvin were there first, then Nick and Andrea came. Good fun, yeah. Met Johann, Ashley, Alfred Foo, Jerry Ong, Michelle Yip, Uncle Josh and a few other, couldn't really recall but I sure met lotsa familiar faces. Malaysia is such a small place where everybody knows everybody.

It was very sweet of my driver to have given me a box of candies.
Now, how am I gonna finish it?

My buddy got me a bouquet of roses last year, Warren got me one too, not forgetting another from a French dinner.... this year, none. Except for the bowl of Ngau Kei Famous Beef Noodle treat. hahahahhaha! Just nice for the Ox year.

I'm currently listening to You & Me by Lifehouse at 5:31 in the morning waiting for the beef balls in my stomach to digest. Great lah!

After three nights of getting drunk this week, I am actually sober tonight. Prrroud! Gotta thank PV and Josh for all the troubles I've caused them, really. Tell you what la.. I'll be nicer to them from now on. That's my resolution. OKAY! This post is gibberish. Stop reading.. Just scroll down for pictures..


tsktsktsk.. BOYS NOWADAYS... dotdotdot.
That's all goodbye.

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Jerry Ong said...

yea yea nice to see u guys around :)