Monday, February 9, 2009

Penang, The End.

Penang Lok-Lok
It was different from Fatman Steamboat aka Lok-Lok in KL
you can say its the sauces, variaties and serving style
Call it our Last Dinner/Supper
The Boobies Peeping Night,
Termites Night,
most importantly,
our Last Night in Penang and Butterworth

How can we not have firecrackers over the Chinese New Year?
Get changed into shorts and slippers and head down to the sandy beach!

From left: Stefanie, me, DK, Louise, lupa-siapa, Felicia

Beach Family Portrait

Steff, me, DK, Matthew, Kijja'de'Thai, Felicia'de'Melb, Louise, Daniel, Sue Ann
Flowery dressed: Rachel
Pig In Green: Clayton

A failed attempt of heart shape twilight.
The LOVE is still in the air!

The Return

We sure read the bible, many did
... about His return someday, saving mankind,
and yes, he will.
But, I actually meant the day we returned to KL,
just that we had a stop at St. Anne Catholic church in Batu Mertajam,
a place where brings together a large group of people from all over the world, from all walks of life, yearly

To whom who has not been there before, I think you should.
It was indeed a beautiful place as told.

My favourite shot of the day :)

I bought three of these pretty rosaries to be worn as accessories.
It was dirt cheap alright!
and really nice too..
another reason to be there!

Chapter CNY @ Penang, closed.
For more pictures, you may bug Foo Sze Zhaun, Daniel Goh, Rachel Phang, Stefanie Tan, or Felicia, then others can be viewed on Facebook.
~The End~

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