Sunday, February 15, 2009

Zoukentine's Night

yawns! yawns!
Just had a long day at Bangsar, spent nine fuckin hours there.
It was a little reunion that Kim hosted for the 2006 Assuntarians, cheers to that.
Pei Xuan literally lost half her body, Kim's boobies enlarged tremendously..
O' my...

We had a little talk about our long lost friend who went missing for the past two years.
I kinda gave her a call for the first in a very long time, after all that arguments and controversies.
Highschool whad....

Unfortunately, she didn't pick up.

Hmm.. it was nice to meet everybody again tonight. Dinner was at Delicious, Bangsar Village II, then a few of us went to grab a couple of drinks at La Bodega over the Taboo game. Before we parted, we went to meet Ganesh, Ashwin, Sri and Melody at the shisha place.

I'll upload the pictures once I get it from Ai Peng since I was playing with her new Nikon D60 DSLR the entire night! I was so lovin' it!

Pictures from last night, Phuture.

Andrea & Nick

Wei San & Danny



Modandi said...

nice photos

Brian. said...

What the fuck did Nick do to his hair.. Man..

Darynne G said...

Now at least Nick can easily be spotted in the crowd from a distance :p

Thanks Mo