Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Embrace or Kill

What does abortion mean to you?

Would you kill or embrace the miracle of life?

What IS the social view towards safe sex?

This is a questionable topic.

From doing the right thing for pleasure's sake, to making the right choices to whether or not, end an unborn life.
-there is no right or wrong, depending on the reasons behind that choice made.

Whether abortion is a moral decision for a woman, given her specific situation - consideration of her religious beliefs, age, marital status, health, economic status, available support systems, genetic makeup, et cetera.

An abortion is a procedure to end a pregnancy. It uses medicine or surgery to remove the embryo or fetus and placenta from the uterus. Or do it the old-fashion way, use the hanger.

People question if abortion affects subsequent pregnancies, does having an abortion cause or contribute to breast cancer, the after-effects on the mental state after abortion.... you name it.

To answer one of the many questions, psychological ill effects after abortion and concluded that these reactions did occur; risk factors included a previous psychiatric history and the lack of a supportive relationship.

Statements of religious faith or its absence were never agreed by all,
as none of it can be factually proven.

I believe that each individual has a right to his or her own religious beliefs to making their own decisions.

I've known a few people in life who have gone through it, lived with it. Though with guilt and consequences to face, it was a choice they've made.

My question is,

Why not practice safe sex?

Why not the morning pills?

Okay, now, Why abortion?
Some are DYING for that one miracle - unable to conceive, miscarriage...whateva.

I've known a few.. Sad to know..

*I need your comments for my research of Social Views on Abortion

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jessbabe said...

Why not safe sex? using condoms? 90% effective only. That is provided that dude knows how to insert to his penis properly. broken and expired condoms to be consider!!

Morning pills have varies effects on diff ppl. Some might get allergic or some might just not work because of the chemical reaction. Plus, it's been surveyed that too many morning pills do affect your health. it's not as easy as popping 2 pills after sex.

back to your question.

What does abortion mean to you?
-I'm a pro-life. I believe that we have our right to do whatever we want and be answerable to ourselves. Yes, they are a lot of people who does not deserved to be pregnant and abort them while some can't get pregnant no matter how hard they try. Let me throw a question back to you. If you're pregnant at your current stage in your life. You might condemn that abortion is bad, immoral and sinful. But bear in mind, if the man was an ass- would you bother to carry his child for 9 months and be responsible for the rest of the child's life. Yes, fuck those who fuck around/dun practice safe sex/get pregnant/abort them. But realising that you're in a mean society where they despised young, unwed woman carrying a child.

Would you kill or embrace the miracle of life?
-as much as I love and adore children. I dream to have them someday in my life. By aborting at my/your age, you're saving the child and your sake. What can you do after you have a child? Bringing your child to uni and parade them in front of your lecturer. Again, if the sperm belongs to someone who decides that it's not his sperm/he's incapable to raise the child at the moment, what more can you do? it might sound like an excuse but it's reality D.

What IS the social view towards safe sex?
-do a survey among your friends. find out, how many actually carries condom with them? ask your friend's parents, what is safe sex?
Safe sex is not wide practice in Malaysia especially because of the taboo to talk about sex and rather the conservative 'Asians' to discuss about sex. and apparently we're not supposed to be having sex unless we're married, so what's there to talk/discuss about safe sex. unlike my friends from abroad, no matter- gfs or ONS, condoms should be used at all time. I even know married couples that use condoms.

This is my two cents. I did multiple assignments on abortion and society views on abortion. To get good grades-don't explain how bad it is, but how it affects the society overall if the child was born. I can tulis one 2000 words essay on this topic :D

Hope I help a bit.