Monday, April 27, 2009

Switched Blues on Monday Morning

Credits to Josh L

Check out Allan Wu's asset! San thinks he's hot.. really? nah....

My blog's been hibernating
and I'm lovin youussss who kept coming back for more..
Many things happened in the past one month,
sweet and bitter

Prays for Cilipadi Loves to never part
Prays for everyone to still be smiling by the end of everyday
Prays for Steffie to be able to answer all her papers
Prays for peers I love to ace in finals
Prays for more partays after finals

....Prays for strength, truth and wisdom in our love

Got back from the Knight Castle rave at Bukit Tinggi yesterday
I honestly don't like it and it is truly disappointing..
Shall share it here in my next post..

We drove down to KL when we were back........................................
- Jonz bought a HP lappy like mine from Low Yat..
- I got my phone tattoo-ed and got a flip-pouch for it.. *smiles*

One thing bout dining with Jonz is, I have the tendency to binge more...
BAD BAD BAD! Especially SUSHIs on the belt!

I was so stuffed when we left and we thought his car got stolen in the carpark..
Panicking as we were.. we searched all over and found it in the end *laughs*
Next time, take a picture with your phone camera, then no one will be running around the carpark like mad fools, or, like us.

The night ended with cheek cramps from all that laughing-at-Colin's-jokes, pool at Rack, wheatgrass at Pan Bakery.

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*smiles shyly*

I just got tagged by Alvin L two days back.. Me loveeees!

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st3ffielicious said...

Awww.. Pray for me to answer all my papers! That's just soo sweet!! Hehe.. I sure hope I wont disappoint you guys