Friday, April 24, 2009

March Loves Birthdays

March is the month of my two sayangs' birthday..
We actually celebrated their birthdays more than once!
You guys better love us much!

Julius L comes first..
Venue at Neway OU and Alexis Bangsar..

Nick N looks so much like monkeybone trynna promote the camera in this shot
We have Julius at the middle..
which makes an Alexis Twin Tower

Teddy aka Edward Cornish Underwood
He annoys the shyt outta me half the time!

Joel the pretty-boy, a player.. and.. he dated Laura Low from my highschool.
O'yes, you read me right!

Shameen aka Dice, a Taiwanese and Malay mix..
Tak-Halal.. just look at his chiq, every guy drools over her


Jenna & Jess

Syafiq's hair.. WOW! Just look at the effect..

The LOVE is in the air...
Jules' chiq surprised him on his birthday at Neway with a cake and present..
awwww.. Jules teared so badly.. used up even the toilet rolls..

Look whos here!? It's SUPERMAN!
My BIAAATCH! Our beloved Chipmunk!

He's the guy you always see with the Nikon DSLR..
He shoots for his interest and passion..
For fun..

He does it part time too..
BUT.. he's our full time sweetheart :)

Alvin Low!

Me loves!

Sushi Love!
Zen Sushi @ Sunway Piramid

Everybody is using E71
I'll name you who..
Jonz, Julius, Ee Shuang, Jorida, and a whole lot more!

yay twins!

Randoms I love?

Shan aka Famous Loy!

Janise C @ MAC Hello Kitty favourite makeup artist

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